Passper for PDF

Quickly and easily access the locked PDF files by recovering document open password or removing the editing and printing restrictions.


All Kinds of Password Protections Are Covered

  • Forgot the password to open Excel

    Unable to open a password protected PDF file

  • Cannot copy the spreadsheet

    Cannot edit, copy, and delete the content in a PDF file

  • Can't edit the content in password protected Excel files.

    Unable to leave comments or print a PDF file

Full Solution to Unlock PDF Files

Adobe Acrobat allows users to either lock the whole PDF file by setting a password to open the file or protect the file from being edited or printed by setting restrictions using a password. Therefore, there are 2 methods to access locked PDF files without password.


Recover Document Open Password

Recover password to open encrypted PDF files by 4 methods.



Remove Restrictions

Remove password protection on locked PDF files to edit or print the content without restrictions.

4 Methods to Recover PDF Document Open Password

  • dictionary

    1. Dictionary Attack

  • dictionary

    2. Combination Attack

  • dictionary

    3. Mask Attack

  • brute_force

    4. Brute-Force Attack

  • Dictionary Attack

    Dictionary Attack

    Dictionary attack will try all the combinations of characters on a list until your password is found. Passper offers a default dictionary. You can also import a dictionary file.

  • Brute-force Attack

    Combination Attack

    Try all the combinations of the characters you choose to find the right password.

  • Mask Attack

    Mask Attack

    Mask attack enables you to recover your password very fast if you know some details about it.

  • Brute-force Attack

    Brute-Force Attack

    Brute-Force attack tries all combinations of all characters until it finds your password. This method takes longer.

What Makes Passper for PDF Your Best Choice

  • highest success rate

    Highest Success Rate

    With the smart algorithm, Passper can recover the password of most encrypted PDF files.

  • fast recovery

    Fast Recovery Speed

    Based on the CPU and GPU acceleration technology, Passper recovers passwords faster.

  • remove restrictions

    Remove Restrictions Instantly

    Only 1 or 2 seconds are needed to remove restrictions on PDF files.

  • save recovery

    Save Recovery Progress

    You can stop and save the progress, and then continue to recover the password next time.

How Does Passper for PDF Work

Recover Passwords Remove Restrictions

Step 1. Select 'Recover Passwords'

Click 'Recover Passwords' on the home interface.

Step 2. Choose a File & a Recovery Method

Add the protected file and choose the recovery method that you like.

Step 3. Recover the Password

Wait for some time. The program will find and show the password on the screen.

Complete Guide

Technical Specifications

  • OS Requirements:

    Windows 10

    Windows 8.1

    Windows 8

    Windows 7

    Windows XP

    Windows Vista

  • PDF:

    Supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF applications

  • RAM:

    512 MB or more

  • Hard Disk Space:

    200 MB free space and above

  • CPU:

    1GHz or more

  • GPU:

    NVIDIA G80+ (GT8600 to GTX1080 TI)

How People Think about Passper for PDF

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Passper for PDF

No matter how your PDF files are locked, this all-in-one tool will help you.

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  • 1. What versions of PDF does it support?
  • Passper for PDF supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF software.
  • 2. How long will it take to decrypt my encrypted PDF?
  • That depends. Since there are some factors will influence the recovery speed like the attack mode you choose, the complexity of the password and the information you know about your password. For more info about password attack modes, please refer to: Passper for PDF user guide.
  • 3. Can Passper for PDF run on MAC OS?
  • No. Passper for PDF supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista only so far. If you are interested in MAC version, please send us an e-mail to passper.support@imyfone.com.
  • 4. Is Passper for PDF safe to use?
  • We care about your privacy and we take all necessary measures to ensure that any personal information you give to us is kept secure.
  • 5. Will my file be kept on your server?
  • NO. We definitely do not send any files to our server. Also, we do not analyze, store, scan, copy, or do anything else with your files.
  • 6. What's the difference between the trial version and the full version?
  • The trial version can't remove any password for PDF document. The full version recovers all the passwords and obtains life-long free guaranteed priority technical support.