Who We Are

Passper is a sub-brand of the hi-tech corporation iMyFone. Supported by the strong technical team of iMyFone, Passper has stood out in password recovery and removal, and helped more and more people over the world bypass password protection when they forget the password.

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All Tools to Unlock Password

  • Passper Winsenior

    Passper WinSenior

    Reset/remove Windows password as well as delete/create user account without any data loss.

  • Passper for Excel

    Passper for Excel

    Recover the password to open encrypted Excel files or remove the restrictions password.

  • Passper for Word

    Passper for Word

    Recover the opening password or remove the restrictions password on locked Word files.

  • Passper for PDF

    Passper for PDF

    Recover the document open password or remove the restrictions password on PDF files.

  • Passper for PowerPoint

    Passper for PowerPoint

    Decrypt PowerPoint files by recovering the opening password or remove the restrictions password.

  • Passper for RAR

    Passper for RAR

    Unlock encrypted RAR files without password.

  • Passper for ZIP

    Passper for ZIP

    Recover passwords to access your locked ZIP archives.

How People Think About Us

What You Can Expect

  • Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technology

    Passper team works hard to improve the algorithm of password recovery.

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

    30-day Money Back Guarantee

    Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

  • No Data Loss

    No Data Damage/Loss

    Passper will not influence the content of your file, nor the data on your computer.

  • 100% Secure

    100% Secure

    All programs are clean and safe to download and install.

  • Fast Support

    Professional Support

    Passper support team is committed to helping customers efficiently in a friendly manner.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    The program is easy for everyone to use. No knowledge of technology is required.

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