Powerful, Multi-purpose File Password Removal Software

One-click in Excel Password Removal

Passper Pro can unlock Excel passwords in any situation, removing various restrictions in just a few minutes.

  • Remove Worksheet Protection Password.
  • Remove Excel Startup Password.
  • Crack Excel Files Protected by VBA Code.
  • Regain Copy, Paste, Print, etc. Permissions for Excel Worksheets.
  • Insert New Excel Worksheets Freely.
  • Edit Content of Password-Protected Excel Files.
One-click Remove Word Password

With Passper Pro, you can easily access and use encrypted Word files without a password.

  • Reopen Encrypted Word Files.
  • Edit Locked Word Protected Content.
  • Add Comments to Protected Word Documents.
  • Delete Encrypted Word File Content.
  • Change the Format of Word Files with Locked Passwords.
Easily in PDF Unlock Password

Using Passper Pro, Efficiently and Safely Remove PDF Restrictions, Regain Access to the Document.

  • Unlock Forgotten PDF File Passwords.
  • Open Encrypted PDF Files without a Password.
  • Remove PDF Editing Restrictions.
  • Print Encrypted PDF.
  • Copy, Delete, Edit, Annotate Password Protected PDF Content.
Quickly in RAR Password Cracking

Passper Pro Quickly Recovers Any RAR Archive Password without Data Loss.

  • Retrieve Passwords for Archives Created by RAR or WinRAR.
  • Decompress RAR Files without Password.
  • Access Encrypted RAR Files.
Efficiently in ZIP Password Cracking

Quickly Retrieve Lost ZIP Archive Passwords with Passper Pro's Latest Password Cracking Algorithm.

  • Unlock Forgotten ZIP File Passwords.
  • Recover ZIP/7ZIP Files that Cannot be Opened Due to Passwords.
  • Regain Access to Encrypted ZIP Files.
One-click PPT Password Crack.

Passper Pro is the preferred unlocker for encrypted PowerPoint files, removing file passwords with just a few clicks.

  • Recover Lost or Forgotten PowerPoint Passwords.
  • Remove Read-only Restrictions from PowerPoint Files.
  • Obtain Editing and Copying Permissions for Protected PowerPoint Files.
  • Print, Move, or Delete Password-protected PowerPoint Files.

Unlock Password Unlocker for Multiple Encryption Types

Whether the file password is a single type or a combination of multiple types, Passper Pro file password removal tool can easily crack it without losing or damaging data.

Numbers + Symbols + Letters
Uppercase Letters
Lowercase Letters

4 File Unlock Modes, Ensuring File Password Crack Success Rate

Using unique advanced algorithms, provide 4 file password removal methods, can unlock PDF/RAR/ZIP/Excel/Word/PowerPoint file passwords within minutes, with a success rate of up to 98%.

Combination Attack
Adjust character settings and randomly combine selected characters to find passwords.
Dictionary Attack
Find passwords by automatically searching each character in the built-in or custom dictionary, which contains millions of commonly used passwords.
Mask Attack
Recover passwords based on known information fragments (such as characters, prefixes, suffixes, and lengths) of the password.
Brute Force Attack
Try all possible character combinations based on complexity rules to find passwords.

Why Do Over a Million Users Choose Passper Pro?

Supports 99% of file types
Handles all versions of Microsoft Office file formats as well as ZIP and RAR file formats.
Unlock Speed Up to 10x
Using GPU acceleration technology greatly improves the unlocking speed of the file password removal tool.
No Data Loss
During the file encryption removal process, data will not be damaged or lost, and the file content will not be affected.
100% Data Security
Recover passwords based on known information fragments (such as characters, prefixes, suffixes, and lengths) of the password.
Easy to Use
Just a few clicks to easily remove file passwords, no professional skills required.
No Usage Restrictions
Unlimited usage, can unlock any number of encrypted files.
Automatic Progress Saving
Automatically save password recovery progress and can pause or stop at.
Multi-language Password Support
Supports traditional Chinese, English, and over 10 other languages, capable of recovering multi-language passwords for protected files.

Remove password or restriction from files in just 3 steps!

File Password Recovery
Remove File Editing Restrictions
  1. Step 1: Import Files

    Import files protected with passwords into the application.

  2. Step 2: Choose Unlock Method

    Choose the appropriate unlocking method based on the forgotten file password.

  3. Step 3: Successfully Remove Password

    Wait for password recovery and then copy or enter the password to reopen the file.

  1. Step 1: Import Files

    Import files with editing restrictions into the application.

  2. Step 2: Remove Restrictions

    Remove read-only restrictions from protected files.

  3. Step 3: Successfully Remove Restrictions

    Restart the file to edit and access content again.

User Feedback

I needed to print a PDF file, but found it had editing restrictions, and I forgot the password. Luckily, I found Passper Pro and removed the restrictions in seconds!
I downloaded a ZIP file of learning materials from an industry website, but couldn't open it because it was password protected and I didn't have the password. After trying many solutions, I finally found Passper Pro and managed to crack the ZIP password. Thank you so much!
A former colleague left me some important Excel files, but they were locked, and I couldn't edit or modify them. The "read-only" status really made me anxious. Fortunately, I found Passper Pro online. After downloading and using it, I successfully removed the Excel protection password, and it's really easy to use!

iMyFone Passper Pro Professional File Password Removal Software

4 unlocking methods to instantly crack PDF/RAR/ZIP/Excel/Word/PowerPoint file passwords.

FAQs and Popular Topics

  • Will data be lost after unlocking files?

    No, recovering the file password or removing editing restrictions will not affect the file content, and data will not be lost. The structure and content of the file (including VBA) will remain unchanged.

  • How long does it take to recover a file password?

    It depends on the unlocking mode you choose, your familiarity with the correct password, and the speed of your computer's operation. Generally, brute force decryption takes the longest time to retrieve passwords. The more GPU processor cores your computer has, the faster it will retrieve passwords.

  • Does Passper Pro software collect file password information or file information?

    No, this is an application downloaded to your computer, and it can be operated without an internet connection. No personal data of any user (such as file content or passwords) will be uploaded to the server, but stored locally on your machine.

  • What is the difference between the free version and the full version?

    The free version helps you identify the encryption type of files and evaluate the success rate of unlocking, while the full version can quickly retrieve file passwords, open password-protected files, and remove editing restrictions on files.

  • If the file cannot be unlocked, can I apply for a refund?

    Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you encounter any issues during use, you can contact our customer service team and request a refund within 30 days.

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