Top 4 Ways to Break WinRAR Password Easily and Efficiently

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If you have made a RAR archvie a few years ago, and recently you want to unrar it but noticed that you've forgotten the password of it, what could you do? I bet you are searching possible methods to break the password here and there. Actually, to break winrar password, you can use CMD, notepad, online service as well as professional software. In this article, we will elaborate these 4 methods and analyze the cons and pros of each method respectively so that you have a more clear view about them. Let's get started now.

Method 1: Break WinRAR Password with Passper for RAR

The most recommended method to unlock the RAR password is using a professional RAR password breaker. Passper for RAR is absolutely what you need. This tool is rewarded as the fastest RAR password recovery tool in the market according to our test, which can check 10000 passwords every second. Moreover, with the intuitive interface, it is pretty easy to use. Only 2 steps needed, you can crack the password and open the locked RAR file effortlessly. Below are more outstanding features of Passper for RAR:

  • Highest Recovery Rate: It adopts the smart cracking strategies and advanced algorithm, which makes its password recovery rates much higher than other methods

  • 4 Powerful Attack Modes: It provides 4 powerful attack mode which greatly reduce the candidate passwords and shorten the recovery time.

  • Save Recovery State. In case of any interruption, Passper for RAR will resume later from that point of interruption.

  • No Data Leakage: Passper values your data security, it won't keep any files you import and your files will not be leaked out during/after password recovery.

  • 100% Trustworthy: Passper is the sub-brand of iMyFone, which is widely recognize by, macworld,,.etc.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

To get started, go to Passper for RAR official website, then download and install it on your computer.

Step 1Click "Add" icon on the window that appears and uploads the RAR file, then choose an attack mode from 4 options shown on the interface based on your situation. Once selected, click on "Next" button to proceed.


Step 2After that, Passper for RAR will start password recovery. When Passper for RAR has found the password for your file, it will notify you and display on the screen. Next, copy the password and use it break the WinRAR file on your computer.

recovered successfully

It is that easy. Within only a couple of clicks, you can effortlessly crack the RAR password. Also, you can check out this video guide of Passper for RAR about how to use it.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are 3 other ways. You can break password from RAR with CMD, Notepad or online service. But, of course, Passper for RAR is much better.

Method 2: Break WinRAR Password using CMD

Another method for WinRAR file crack is using the command line. But this method only works with numeric passwords and it takes a very long time. Below is how it works:

Step 1. Copy and paste the command into Notepad. (The command line shown in the following picture ) Then save the created notepad as bat.

bat file

Step 2. Double-clickbat file top open the bat file and launch a command prompt window.

Step 3. Next, find and right-click on the encrypted RAR file, select "Properties" in the sublist, and copy the Name and the Folder path.

rar folder path

Step 4: Type in the RAR file name and press Enter key.

enter the full path

Just wait for some time, your password will be displayed on the interface.

password display

Method 3: Break WinRAR Password Online

In some cases, you may not want to install software on the computer may be due to limited space on your computer or may you hardly handle RAR files. Therefore, in such a situation you can use an online RAR password unlocker. One of the popular online service is Howevever, this online service does not guarantee the recovery rate according to the website terms but it works at times so feel free to try it. Here is a guide on how to use it:

Step 1. Head over to the website and click on the "Choose Files" in the middle of the page to upload your password encrypted RAR archive.

choose files

Step 2. After that, click on "Start Conversion" button. Then this online service will start converting your uploaded RAR file.

start conversion

Step 3. Once converted, click on "Download" and save the file on your computer. You will then get access to it without entering password.

click download


With this online tool, you can open the locked RAR without password, but your RAR file will be converted to ZIP format without your permission. Worse still, there are some safety concerns you should pay attention to when you take this method. The biggest one is data leakage. Since you are required to W your file over the Internet to their servers before start password cracking, this will greatly increase the risk of data being leaked out and hacked. If your locked file is sensitibe and confidential, then I will Not recommend you to try this method.

Method 4: Break WinRAR Password with Notepad

You may not know that Notepad can also be used to break RAR password on your computer. But please remember that this method might not work for every RAR archive, but you can still try it and it only involves short steps.

Step 1. First of all, open the encrypted RAR file on your computer with Notepad.

open with

Step 2.Then, press CTRL+F on your keyboard and find for the string Ûtà, then replace it with 5³tà'. Again, find ' IžC0 and replace it with IžC0.


Step 3. After replacing these two strings, just save your files. When you reopen the RAR file, you may found you will not be asked to provide a password.

As the steps I show above, this way is a little complicated, and the recovery rate is pretty low according to our test.

What Is the Best Method to Break RAR Password?

As you have seen in this article, there are different ways to break RAR password on your computer. You can use an excellent RAR password breaker -Passper for RAR, use CMD, online tool or notepad. So which one should you use? As always, the best method is whatever best fits your need( including password recovery rate, recovery speed, compability, data security) in any given situation. You can simply check out our comparison tabe and learn which method is the best.

Passper for RAR CMD Online Service Notepad
Can Password Be Recovered Yes Possibly Possibly Possibly
Recovery Speed Fastest Slow Medium Slow
Data Leakage No data leakage No data leakage Severe data leakage No data leakage
File Size Limit No limit No limit Large file not supported No   limit
Ease of Use Easy to use Complicated Complicated Complicated

According to the comparison table above, the best choice that is recommended is using Passper for RAR since it has no limitations and it is straightforward with the highest recovery speed. Don't hesitate to give it a try.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP


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