2019 Top 8 ZIP Password Recovery Tools to Recover ZIP Password

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Many people often neglect to jot somewhere their new passwords when they create one to protect their ZIP or other files. The truth is that you are likely to forget your new password if you don't use itfrequently. To save yourself from the frustration of forgetting your password you need to equip yourself with these handy tools for password recovery and you'd rest assured to recover your password anytime. Here are the top 8 ZIP password recovery software that you should know.

Now take a look at this list. Tell us in the comments if we missed your absolute favorite piece of software.

1. Passper for ZIP

The first tool I want to recommend is Passper for ZIP. This is the most professional and effective password recovery tool for ZIP files in the market by far. It focus recovering lost passwords of ZIP files created by any program. The program lets you pick the character sets you think the password contains which makes the recovery process faster.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?

  • Ultra-Strong Recovery Ability: This password recovery tool support to recover 16-character password easily.

  • 4 Powerful Attack Modes: Passer for ZIP provides 4 attack modes to recoverthe password whether you know the password or not.

  • Highest Recovery Rate in the Industry: Adopted the GPU&CPU acceleration, passper for ZIP can ensure the recovery rate up to be 98%.

  • It has full compatibility. It has full compatibility. All iOS versions and iOS devices are supported.

  • Simple to Use:It comes with an easy-to-use interface that helps you unlock your encrypted ZIP file within minutes.

  • 100% Trustworthy: Passper is the sub-brand of iMyFone, which is widely recommended by,

    macworld,, etc.

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How to Use Passper for ZIP

To get started, download and install Passper for ZIP on your computer.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1: Click on Add icon to import the password protected ZIP file to program.

import zip file

Step 2: Choose an attack mode from the 4 options bases on your situation, and click Recover to proceed.

select attack mode

Step 3: After a while, you password will be recovered successfully, simply click the Copy button to copy the password and use it to open the locker ZIP file.

select attack mode

Also, you can check the video guide of Passper for ZIP

2. ZIP Password Refixer

ZIP Password Refixer is also a preferred ZIP password unlocker because it is easy to learn and its GUI interface makes the recovery process a walk in the park. Also, it can recover all manner of passwords ranging from PKZIP, WinZIP, and even ZIP archive files. It works at a high speed, recovering all your passwords successfully.

rar password unlocker


  • It is easy to use with the great user interface.

  • It is quite powerful and can recovery almost any password.

  • There are a lot of customizations you can do to speed up the process.


  • Some users report experiencing several crashes when they use the application to unlock ZIP files.

3. SmartKey ZIP Password Recovery

If you are looking for the excellent recovery tool that is easy to use, yet ranked among the most effective tools for password recovery for you ZIP files, this Smartkey ZIP Password Recovery is worth your time. It does not only crack passwords but also goes farther to crack any version of popular archiving tools like WinZIP and also PKZIP.

When you have this program, it will recover the ZIP file password recovery thanks to the integrated GPU accelerator. It is equipped also with the 3 highly efficient attack types and most of all it is super easy to use.

smartkey zip password recovery


  • Compatible with all versions of windows

  • Can retrieve a lot of forms of passwords

  • It is quite fast


  • It is quite costly for anyone seeking free password recovery software.

  • The interface is hard to use.

4. Atomic ZIP Password Recovery

Whenever anyone has lost or forgotten their passwords, they get frustrated. A lot starts running across their minds and this is where the notion of cybersecurity starts to resonate in their minds. You do not have to worry about that anymore when you are backed by Atomic ZIP password recovery software.

While there is a lot that can be said about this recovery program, most people can't help but hail it for its friendly user interface, and how easy it is to set up. The program is also capable of attacking several passwords. It is capable of taking by the horns, any ZIPped file with classic encryption. Whenever you are facing any kind of encryption and ZIPping, this is the silver bullet.

atomic zip password recovery


  • Works perfectly well with AES Encrypted ZIP files

  • Supports different versions of ZIP files

  • User friendly interface

  • Is quite powerful and can remove almost any password


  • A downside of using the tool is it is at times slow to response. It takes some time before the password is cracked.

5. Advanced ZIP Password Recovery

If you have tried a myriad of ZIP password recovery software with no avail, you don't have to fret, as the Advanced ZIP Password Recovery program might just be a god sent. This ensures no ZIP passwords are left unturned. However, it is only meant for Windows Operating system.

One thing about this password recovery software is that it is so light such that your computer won't even feel the weight, but the work is done. Most users are based in the Us, Brazil, Sudan, and to say the least, the few wise people who understand the power and the need for useful recovery software for Passwords. If you are using any windows operating system version 96 and any previous version, then this is what you should go for. However, the program is available in English.

advanced zip password recovery


  • Has a great user interfaces

  • Works perfect for all ZIP file formats

  • Has lots of great professional features


  • It takes time to recover highly encrypted passwords

6. Ultimate ZIP Cracker

In your quest for ZIP password recovery options, you should try Ultimate ZIP Cracker. With it, you can inevitably lose your password. This software keeps your password on the cloud and later enable you to get the password. All this program asks is your email address, through which it sends you prompts to restore your password and thus you do not lose anything. Recovering your password to your zipped files is pretty easy.

The programs selling points are many, become, for once, it is easy to use and again, it works perfect with different file formats to get you your forgotten password when you need it.

ultimate zip cracker


  • Has an easy to use interface

  • Supports different file formats

  • Has a higher password recovery rate


  • Can be slow at times

7. ZIP File Password Recovery Utility

ZIP File Password Recovery Utility is the ultimate password recovery program that you can get in the market today. It is your surefire way to crack your password even if you lost it. You do not have to worry about losing the important ZIPped files that you ZIPped using WinZIP, PK ZIP, WinRAR any whatever compatible ZIP compatible program.

When you get it you are sure of up to 100% recovery rate. Also, you will be able to gain access to the lost or forgotten ZIP or WinZIP data. Finally, it is the greatest attacker of any encrypted file. It is easy to use and free update is available whenever you need one. Also, customer service does not disappoint anytime.

zip file password recovery utility


  • Can handle AES encrypted files

  • Safely recovers or removes password without causing damage to your files

  • Supports different file formats


  • There is room for improving recovery speed

8. ZIP Password Genius

ZIP Password Genius is another powerful ZIP password recovery programs you can get in the market today. Its interface says it all, as it is easy to use. Also, it comes with an intuitive operation toolbar as well as multiple tabs for configuring your passwords. It also has a window that displays events in real-time. You have to make it your partner as you walk these password recovery streets.

zip password genius


  • Works on all windows versions

  • Supports all ZIP file formats

  • Quite powerful and can recover any password not matter the level of encryption

  • Has a great user interface


  • Can be slow at times


Here are 8 best ZIP file password recovery tools we rounded up, you can visit their website or the purchase link we provide for more information. We hope this guide is helpful to you. If you noticed some tool we have missed out in this post, you can drop us a comment, we've really enjoyed the discussions throughout the years.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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