How to Open Password Protected ZIP Files without Password

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ZIP  files are an archive file format with several compressed files. ZIP file format  makes it easier to send many related files at once since you will put them in a  folder and archive them. Moreover, they are lightweight since they have been  compressed. Therefore, to make your files secure as you send them online, one  has to encrypt them with a password. Now, happens when you receive a ZIP file  and you want to open password protected zip without password?  Well,  stay tuned and read this article as it shows you how to open password protected  zip without passwordeasily.

open zip file

Method 1: Using Online Tool

The  first method to open password protected zip without a password is by using website.  This Online unZIP Password Protected tool  support .zip .rar .7z .tar that are less 200MB in size.  Now, here is a step by step guide to follow  that allows you to open password protected zip without password easily using

Step  1. First, open a browser on your computer and visit website and click on "Uncompress File" button.

unzip online

Step  2. Next, click on "Browse" and upload the ZIP password protected file from your  computer.

unzip online decompress file

Step  3.  Once you have uploaded the password  protected ZIP File click on "Uncompress File" and the tool will uncompress and  remove the ZIP password. Once you download the file to your computer, you will  be open to open ZIP file without a password.

Method 2: Using Passper for ZIP

The  second and the best option to open password protected zip without a password is  by using Passper for ZIP software. Passper for ZIP  is a powerful ZIP tool that allows you to open password forgotten ZIP files.  Also, it can open ZIP archives and reset ZIP password files. Therefore, Passper  for ZIP will remove the password from protected ZIP files and allow you to open  ZIP files smoothly. You can follow the guide below on open password protected  zip without password using Passper  for ZIP

Step 1. Download and Install Passper  for ZIP

First,  head to Passper  website and download  Passper for ZIP. You can then install the software by following the wizard step  on the screen.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 2. Add ZIP Password Protected  File

Once  you open the program, click on "Add" button to upload the Password protected  ZIP file from your computer.

import zip file

Step 3. Choose Decryption Mode

Now,  with Passper for ZIP, there is three decryption mode. One is the Combiantion Attack, which combine the characters such as symbols, letters and numbers that you choose to search for your password. The second one is the Mass Attack mode that allows you to  give possible characters that you remember about your password. The third  option is Dictionary attack that  allows you to use a possible list of passwords. The last and third recovery  mode is a Brute Force Attack that enables you to try all possible passwords.  The disadvantage with this mode is that it takes longer; hence, you can choose  Mass Attack mode.

select attack mode

Step 4. Recover Password

Next,  click on "Recover" and the program will scan and retrieve the password. You can  now copy the password and use it to open the ZIP file on your computer.

recover password

It  is that simple.

Method 3: with NSIS

The  third method that you can use is by installing NSIS installer that stands for  Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. NSIS can also help you to open password protected zip without  password although the process compared to the other two given methods. To make more comfortable for you here  is a guide on how to open password  protected zip without password using NSIS

Step  1. First, download here and install it on your Windows computer.

Step  2. On the home, menu, click on "Installer based on Zip file" option.

nsis select installer based zip file

Step  3.  After that, click on open and the  upload your protected ZIP file

nsis open zip file

Step  4. Next, you need to set the output folder that you need to store the file.  Click on "Browse" and choose the appropriate folder before clicking on  "Generate" button.

nsis generate file

Step  5. Now, NSIS will generate the ZIP file to the folder you specified as .exe  file. Next, run this file on your computer and you will be able to open  password protected zip without a password.

How to Extract ZIP File

At  this point, we are confident that you can now open password protected ZIP  without password using the above three methods. Now, how do you extract ZIP  files? In this section, we will show you how to extract ZIP files on both  Windows on Mac platforms.

How to Extract ZIP File in Windows

Step  1. On a Windows computer, locate the ZIP file on your computer.

Step  2. Next, double click on the file and select "Extract Files."

windows extract file

Step  3. A new window will pop up that allows you to select the destination to save  the extracted files. Click on "OK," and your files will then be extracted.

windows save extract file

From  there, head to the folder and open your files.

How to Extract ZIP File on Mac

Step  1. Locate the ZIP file on your Mac, double click on and the Archive Utility  will extract it to the same folder.

mac extract file

Step  2. You can use open the folder and open the files you want.


To  conclude, we see that you can open password protected ZIP without password  using an online tool, NSIS and Passper for ZIP. However, with the online tool,  you have file size limitation whereas NSIS procedure is cumbersome. Therefore,  the best option to open password protected ZIP without password using Passper  for ZIP. It is simple, fast, has no file limitation and it can retrieve ZIP  password.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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