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We are used to archiving our important files in a ZIP format. This can be one of the best options to save space on your storage. More than archiving the files, the next step that safeguards your files is to lock them up is to use a password. However, what if you forgot the password? That is exactly where a ZIP Password Cracker comes to the fore. Let us check out the best ZIP password cracker for your needs.

Part 1: What is ZIP Password Cracker?

Well, a Zip Password Cracker is like any other password cracking tool. It helps you recover the password that you may have forgotten. It can be an excellent option to recover your passwords in the storage locations or even in the data compression systems.

How do they work? The ZIP password crackers work by employing several options and techniques to recover the lost password. Some Zip file password cracker options work by trying out different combinations of letters and words. The exact functionality of the password crackers will be dependent upon the technique used for recovering the password.

Part 2: What Features Would You Look for in a ZIP Password Recovery Option?

With a host of the password crackers available, it may not be an easy task to find the right kind of option among them. How about choosing the best Zip Password cracker options? If you are looking for the best alternative, you would need to understand what exactly you need to look for in a password cracker.

Here are a few special options you should always be interested in if you are checking out a good Zip password cracker.

1. Rate of Recovery

The rate of recovery should be one of the prime features you should look for in your Zip password cracker. If you want that to happen, the best software that can handle it should include multi-core CPU processing. And GPU acceleration.

The tool should be capable of recovering the passwords without any hiccups and irrespective of the number of characters and letters. A good Zip password cracker should be capable of self-extracting or plain passwords with equal ease and simplicity.

2. Recovery Speed

The speed of recovery will ideally be dependent upon the complexity of the password. If the password is difficult and complex, you will need to use the attack type as Brute Force. This mode will try out all the possible permutations and combinations to find the right password.

The speed of a tool will also be dependent on whether the password cracker is hogging the resources. Make sure that the software you choose is light weight and does not hog the resources.

3. Cost

What is the budget that you have set up for your Zip Password cracker software? Of course, this will be dependent on the importance attached to your Zip files and archives. However, you would definitely not want to spend a fortune on a password cracking tool.

If the software you have chosen gets your work done with the free version if any, you do not need to go with a Pro version. Check out the pricing of all the options you have shortlisted and arrive at the right option that meets your needs. Of course, cost alone cannot be the decider. If the software you have chosen is a bit expensive but offers you an extremely great functionality in terms of speed and recovery options, it may be a wise choice.

Part 3: Passper Zip Password Recovery--Best Zip Password Cracker

Well, if you are spoilt for choice and can't take a call, the best Zip Password cracker we would recommend you would be Passper Zip Password Recovery. Passper for ZIP is a top-rated password recovery tool for Zip/7 Zip/WinZip created by various software. It provides 3 powerful attack modes to help you unlock any encrypted Zip file instantly and easily without damaging your file. The tool comes with an excellent design and an easy functionality.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

How to use it? The steps here below should provide you with a complete tutorial into the concept and the task.

Step 1 Download and install Passper for Zip from the offcial website.

Step 2 Launch the application. It will download the dictionaries when launched for the first time wait patiently till the download is completed.

Step 3 Import your encrypted ZIP file. You can click on the "Add" button and browse to the location of the file.

import zip file

Step 4 Choose the appropriate Attack Type from Combination Attack, Dictionary Attack, Mask Attack, Brute Force Attack. Once the attack type is chosen, click on Recover.

select attack mode

Step 5Once the password is recovered, you will be prompted with a success prompt along with the discovered password.

recover password


That was all about Zip Password cracker options you have at your disposal and the best ZIP password recovery you can choose. Check out the best options we have outlined here and get the best ZIP password recovery experience.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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