4 Free Ways to Unlock a Word Document for Editing When Forgot Password

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When a word document has been locked for editing, this typically means that you might be able to open and even read the document, but you can't make any changes to it. You will not be able to edit the text in the document in any including deleting it or formatting it and you will not be able to add ant new content on the document unless you can lift the restrictions.

The good news that is there are several ways to unlock a word document for editing. In this article we are going to address the most effective solutions for you.

The Best Way to Unlock a Word Document for Editing

The biggest problem you can face with a restricted Word document is when it is also password protected and you don't know the password or you have forgotten it. In this case, the problem is further amplified since not only can you not edit the document, you may not be able to read it at all. If the restricted Word document is also password protected and you've forgotten the password, your best option is to use Passper for Word, a third-party Word password unlocker tool that can also help remove editing restrictions in a single click (100% SUCCESS rate). Besides removing editing restrictions, you can also unlock a Word document for opening.

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Now follow these very simple steps to use Passper for Word to unlock a Word document for editing:

Step 1: Download and install Passper for Word on your computer and launch the program after successful installation.

Step 2: Click on "Remove Restrictions" in the main window and then click "Add" to browse your computer for the restricted document and add it to the program.

select remove restrictions

Step 3: Now simply click "Remove" and the program will immediately begin removing all restrictions on the document. The process should be over in just a few seconds.

start t oremove restrictions

When it is done, you can open the document and you should be able to make changes to it as you wish.

Other Common Ways to Unlock a Word Document for Editing

The following are just some of the other ways you can try to unlock a Word document for editing:

1. Unlock a Word Document with Password to Modify

If you open the Word document and a password box appears requiring you to enter the password before you can modify the file, here's what you can do:

Step 1: Open the Word document and when the password box appears, click on "Read only". This will open the document in read-only mode.

read only word

Step 2: Now click on File > Save As > and change the file name to save the document as a new file. You can also change the file location if you want. Click on "Save" and the next time you open the document, you will not need a password to modify it.

save read only word

2. Unlock a Word Document Locked by Editing Restrictions

If the Word document you are trying to edit has a read-only restriction on it, you might be able to edit the document in the following simple steps:

Step 1: Locate the restricted document in File Explorer and right click on it. Choose "Open With > WordPad".

open word with notepad

Step 2: This will automatically unlock the document for editing. Make the changes you need and then save the document.

Once the document is saved, all editing restrictions will be removed and the document will now be editable.

3. Edit a Word Document Locked by Mark as Final or Protected View

When the document has been "Marked as Final" or is downloaded from the internet, it is effectively locked for editing. You can easily turn off these two features and unlock the Word document for editing again. Here's how:

Step 1: Open the document and you should see a warning at the top bar that says "Marked as Final" or "Protected View".

Step 2: In the "Marked as final" document, click on "Edit anyway" to lift editing restrictions. In a "Protected View" document, simply click on "Enable Editing" to remove restrictions.

word edit anyway

You should now be able to edit a Word document for editing with any way you want.

Choose a solution from the above methods depending on your particular situation. Let us know in the comments section below if you are able to edit the locked Word document or if you have any questions about the methods outlined above.


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