Top 4 Methods to Remove Password from Word Document

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As the most popular word processing program in the market, MS Word is useful in numerous ways for various people and businesses. As such, Word documents can contain sensitive and private information. Luckily, Word provides you with a way to protect such information to make sure it will remain private and confidential. This can be easily done by adding a password to the document. If you have been using Word for a while, you no-doubt knowhow to add a password to a document.

But how about removing a password from a Word document? What if you have a Word document that is password protected that you need to edit and you don't remember the password? Maybe you misplaced the password and you cannot remember what the password is. Or, maybe the person who shared the document with you failed to provide you with the password you need to unlock it. If you find yourself needing to unlock a Word document and you don't have the password, this article will be invaluable to you.

Keep reading to find out numerous ways you can to remove password from word document.

1. Remove Password from Word Document with Original Password

If you know the original password, removing the password from the document can be a simple process, one you may already be aware of although we shall share the steps with you here nonetheless;

Step 1: Open the password-protected Word document and enter the password to unlock it.

Step 2: Click on 'File > Protect Document > Encrypt with Password'.

Step 3: Since the document is password protected, the password will appear in the 'Password' box. To unprotect the document, simply clear the password in this box and click 'OK'.


2. Remove Password from word Document Without Password via Passper for Word

As simple as the above solution is, it is only viable if you already have the password for your document. When you don't have a password or don't remember the password, you may need a specialized tool to help you gain access to the document. Fortunately for you, we know a program that is designed for that purpose. This program is known as Passper for Word  and it is the ideal tool to help you recover a password and consequently open a password protected Word document, or simply remove edit restrictions for read-only word files.

Passper for Word: Remove Password from Word Document in One Click

  • Recover any types of opening password for your word document without damaging the current data.

  • Remove modify the password in 3 seconds. You can easily edit, copy and modify the word after the restrictions are removed.

  • Highest recovery rate and fastest recovery speed are guaranteed for the advanced algorithm.

  • The recovery process can be stopped at any time so that you can resume the process at next time.

  • It supports word file (.docx and .doc) ranging from 97 to 2009.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

This program has 4 basic attack modes that make it the ideal password recovery solution for any Word document regardless of the complexity of the password used. These attack modes include  the following;

Dictionary  Attack-This one uses the provided dictionary library to try all possible password combinations until the right one is found.

Combination Attack -This method allows you to specify the characters you want the program to randomly combine to find your password. 

Brute Force with Mask Attack- This mode is helpful if you have a clue of the forgotten password. It works with the prefix/suffix, characters, special characters and even length of the password to determine the missing password. As a result, this attack mode takes a shorter time to determine the password since it has a starting point.

Brute Force Attack- This is the attack mode to choose if you don't remember anything about the password. It works by running as many possibilities as possible at random until you arrive at the best possible password. As a result, it may take a while to find a password.

The following is a simple step-by-step guide to help you remove a password from a Word Document.

Step 1Install Passper for Word on to your computer and then launch the program. Click on "Recover Passwords" option to begin the password recovery process.


Step 2Click on "Add" to choose and import the password-protected Word document you want to unprotect.

Once the document is open, select one of the attack modes that we've talked about above, depending on your situation.

recover word passwords step2

Step 3The program will then immediately begin the process of recovering the password from the document. Simply, wait for the process to be completed.

Once the process is complete, a password will appear on the screen. You can then use the password to unlock the document and then remove the password-protection if you need to.


3. Remove Protection from Word for Edition Without Password

Sometimes the document can be accessible, but the document's owner can put restrictions in place that can prevent you from accessing certain information on the document. You may be unable to format certain pages or even change the formatting styles to different types. In this situation, Passper for Word can also help you in this situation. The program can help by just as easily lifting the restrictions from the Word document.

Here's a step by step guide to show you how to use Passper for Word to remove these restrictions;

Step 1Open Passper for Word on your computer and then click on "Remove Restrictions" to begin.


Step 2Now, click on "Import File" to add the protected Word document to the program.


Step 3Once the file is open, simply click on "Remove" and all restrictions on the document will be removed.


You will now be able to edit the Word document any way you want.

4. Remove Protection from Read-Only Word

Sometimes when a document has restrictions, the Word document may appear as Read-Only. In this case, you need a more specialized way to remove the restrictions or the password from the document. This is a step by step guide to show you how you can unlock a Read-Only Word document;

Step 1: Open the Word document on your computer and then click on"File > Save As"to save the file to another location on your computer.

Step 2: Once the document is saved in a different location, you should now be able to edit it. If not, it may have other restrictions or it may be password protected, in which case you should follow these simple steps.

Step 3: Rename the extension from .doc or .docx to .zip and click"Yes" to confirm the filename alteration.


Step 4:  Now open the"ZIP" file with Windows Explorer.

Step 5: Click on the Word folder and find the file named"settings.xml"and delete it from the list. After that, change the filename extension back to .doc and you should now be able to edit the Word file.


Protecting Word files by adding a password can be a good way to protect the information in the document. But sometimes the password, especially if it is difficult to remember, can hinder the usefulness of the document. With the methods above, it is our hope that you are now able to find a way to remove the restrictions and passwords that can hinder you from using the Word document.


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