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Are you in trouble with the management for failing to present encrypted RAR files? You are even more than being worried that the convened General meeting might be postponed because of this. Being the data manager of this organization, they expect that you to resolve this quickly without any hassle. But in reality, you don't have an idea of how to unrar password protected file. Now, count yourself lucky because this article is a blessing in disguise and you'll be brought up to date with various workarounds concerning encrypted and decrypted RAR files.

First of all, let's elaborate what RAR file is and their importance.

Part 1: What Is the RAR File?

RAR is the form of the compressed files. RAR is made up of a lot of files compressed together. It is essential to protect this kind of files from vulnerabilities such as leakage of data, modification of the data by providing a password. Moreover, you can use create RAR files and create some space from the files you currently you need. Also, you are able to add a password to protect it from being leaked by others. But what if you forgot the password you set, how to unlock? Just keep reading!

Part 2: How to Unlock the Encrypted RAR with Passper for RAR

Now that have encrypted the RAR file or your receive a RAR file with a password and you do not know the password, how will you unrar password file? It might sound a big problem, but with Passper for RAR, you can unlock the encrypted RAR easily. Passper for RAR is designed to recover password for the locked RAR archives in no time.

Here is a guide on how to unlock the encrypted archive with Passper for RAR step by step.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1.Download and install the password recovery program on your desktop.

Step 2. Now, click on the Passper for RAR icon to run it on the PC.

Step 3. Start to unrar password protected file by importing on to the program. Click the Add button from the main window of Passper for RAR and navigate to the RAR file save location. Select the file then tap the Open button.


Step 4. From the three attacks presented before you, choose one of them followed by defining the attack settings to use to the unrar password. It’s worth noting if you go with Brute-force attack, it will involuntarily search the password after having a click on start button.


Step 5. Upon choosing the type of the attack, click the Start button to initiate the unrar password process. In just within some minutes, Passper for RAR will feasibly unpack password protected file. When finished, you'll see notification message informing you of the same. From the very same window, you can directly open the folder.

recovered successfully

Part 3: How to Unrar Decrypted RAR File

It is a piece of cake workaround when Archived file comes to play. On this point, we are using B1 Free Archive software as a third-party tool.

1. Unrar Archive with Third-Party Software

Step 1. Navigate to the archived file you want to unrar. Right-click on it to open a pop-up menu and select the Extract here option.

extract here

Step 2. After the above step, the B1 Free Archiver will immediately start extracting the files from the RAR archive. Wait patiently to complete.

Step 3. Now, all the RAR file have been extracted to the same folder, you can view them one by one.


2. Unrar Files into the New Folder

To unrar file into a new folder is a more convenient way especially when there are a lot of files in the archive. Here is a guide on unrar files into the new folder on your computer.

Step 1. Extracting this way is no different from the above method only that after right-clicking on the RAR folder you select the Extract to from the opened context menu.

extract to

Step 2. It is recommended to choose the default folder which has the same name as the RAR archive. By doing so, all the extracted unrar files will be available on the new separate folder just next to the archive with the same name like on this guide we are using the birthday party folder.


Step 3. If you are not of the idea of using the default folder, select the New Folder and the B1 software will guide on how to name the new folder.

Step 4. You are free to use any appealing title for the folder; for example, on this guide, we change it to Clara's birthday party. After which you click the  OK  button, and all the RAR files will be extracted to this new folder, still next to the archive.


Part 4: How to Encrypt Your RAR File

On this part, we are going to use WinRAR to encrypt RAR files. Below is a guide on how to encrypt RAR files on your computer.

Step 1. Download and launch the latest WinRAR application version on your computer. Then navigate to the RAR file to be encrypted via the file browser integrated on the software.

Step 2. From the menu bar hit the File tab, and from the options provided click on the Set  password

set password

Step 3. Now, key in characters to be the password on the Enter Password dialogue box, and then rekey in the same characters on the Reenter password for verification box.

enter password

Step 4. Finally, tap on the checkbox adjacent to Encrypt file names and followed by clicking OK button.


From all the guides given above, we can provide a legit verdict that everything concerning RAR files is simple and straightforward to implement from encrypting RAR files, unrar password protected file to decompress files.

Remember also that there are quite a lot of  software outside there each claiming to be at the top of their competitors. However, not all can give the intended software. Therefore, the right software to use to the unrar password is Passper for RAR and to create or encrypt RAR files you can make use of WinRAR. Actually, in this advent of the digital world, every solution is just a click away!

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