How to Open Password Protected RAR File without Software

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When you happen to forget passwords for RAR files, it turns out to be a headache. You have to get away from decrypting the file to access your data. There are different ways of recovering the password without much struggle. In this article, we will go through 4 most workable ones aiming to open password protected RAR file with or without software, let's check them out!

Part 1: How to Open Password Protected RAR without Software

To unlock encrypted RAR, if you have a hint of the password, it will work best for you. When opening a password-protected RAR file without software it will require you to have patience and cumbersome process if you chose using notepad process.

Method 1. Guess RAR Password with Your Frequently-used Ones

The most commonly used feature is guessing and has no planned procedure to follow. Guessing a password fully relies on the password creator since it's only them that have the ability to know which passwords they commonly use. Try using passwords that you can remember or have used before considering the tips that you use to set your passwords.

For example, you can use your birth date and first name initials or full name to set a password. That way you will be able to make guesses and probably can make the right guess. That way you will have recovered your password by following the tips you consider when setting one.

Method 2. Open RAR Password Online

If you trying guessing password and it fails, you can opt using online RAR password unlocker such as Lost as My Pass. This online Unlock RAR password allows you to recover weak passwords of files that are less than 100MB. Therefore, if your RAR file is small and your password is something simple, Lost as My Pass website is worth trying. Below is a guide on how to open a password protected RAR file without software using Lost as My Pass.

Step 1. Visit the Lost My Pass and upload your file to the website by either dropping file to the page of clicking the page to open folders.

click file types

Step 2. On file upload, it will start password recovery. The recovery process will start and will take tie depending on nature if the password to be recovered.

unlocking rar

After a short while of waiting, the password will have been recovered successfully and displayed on the dashboard of the online recovery program.

Although this way seems pretty easy to use, password can hardly be recovered with a free check, you have to upgrade to the paid "strong password recovery" with $29. Also, there are several safety issues arises with this way. The biggest issue is the data security. You are required to upload your file over the Internet to their servers when you unlock RAR online, this will puts your data at risk of being leaked out and hacked. Another issue is that these online services are not totally free. They provide you with a free version, but this free one cannot recover password for you, then you will be led to a paid version with a higher price.

Method 3. Unlock WinRAR Archive Password with Notepad

Using Notepad is another method to open password protected RAR file without software. Notepad is an already tested and approved by many users is workable in some cases. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Start by opening your locked RAR file using Notepad application.

open with

Step 2 After that press CTRL+F and input Ûtà to search of which you will replace with 5³tà'. Next, search for'IžC0 and replace it with IžC0.


Step 3. When done, save the file with the changes made. Now you may proceed to open your RAR file with your usual application and it will not ask for a password.

That way you will have managed to open password protected RAR file without using software very easily.

It seems the steps are a little bit complicate especially for those tech newbie. Moreover, as we stated before, this way only works in few cases. But in most case, it is obviously doesn't work for you. Moreover, the process is a little complicated.

Part 2. How to Unlock Password Protected RAR with Software

To effciently and securely open the password protected RAR archive, I highly recommend you to try a third-party software. Currently, Passper for RAR is the best and definite tool to recover a forgotten RAR password without password no matter how long and how complex the password might be. With the intuitive interface, you can find back your password within 2 steps. No special skills required. Adopted the GPU& CPU acceleration and 4 powerful attak modes, Passper checks 10000 passwords every second, which greatly shorten the recovery time. Now follow the steps below to unlock RAR password with Passper for RAR.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Step 1. Start by running the Passper for RAR to access the window where to add files. To add the file to unlock, click "add' to access the folder where the file is. Locate the file and click open to load the file to the program. Choose the most appropriate method for your situation among the given attack means. Attack modes are 4 to choose from and after selection click "recover' to start the recovery process.


Step 2. When ready, click "Start' to begin the recovery method to help you open the password-protected RAR file. It will take the minimum time possible considering the complexity of the password you had set.


To clearly know the detailed steps, please check this video guide of Passper for RAR.

Part 3. Comparison Between Using Software and Not Using Software

Both means of password recovery have their pros and cons regarding. It will depend with your urgency to unlock the document, complexity of the password and the mode which you are best suited for.

Using software Not Using Software
Can Password Be Recovered Yes Possibly
Recovery Time Less Time Longer time
Recovery Speed Fast Slow
Data Security Secure Not secure
Can Recover Complex Passwords Yes. Complex passwords can be recovered No, only 3-character passwords can be recovered.
File Size Limit No     limit Large file cannot be uploaded


Finally, these are the proven ways to open a password protected RAR file without software and the main one Passper for RAR which involves the use of the software. If you value security when you have a file that has confidential data, it is advisable to use the Passper for RAR to unlock RAR password files.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP


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