Passper for RAR is designed to unlock the encrypted all RAR/WinRAR archives in seconds. You may follow the process steps listed below to use Passper for RAR.

To get started, download Passper for RAR on your computer, then Install the Passper software as per the instructions are shown on the screen.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1Select the "Add" option of the RAR Password Retrieval screen. Search through the folders and locate the RAR file for which you wish to recover the password.

Step 2Select any one of the appropriate recovery modes as per your requirement after selecting the specific file for recovery.

Dictionary Attack: The dictionary attack mode attempts options which are almost certain to be successful, typically resulting from a lexicon or a wordlist. In general, dictionary attacks make it as many uses incline to pick passwords which are small, solitary words in a vocabulary list, or are slight distinctions that are simple to guess.

Combination Attack : This method enables you to set the numbers, symbols and other characters you want the program to combine to recover your password.

Brute Force Attack:  In this mode, you can lay down the variety by choosing constraints like All Caps, All Small alphabets, etc.

Brute Force with Mask Attack:  Using this mode, you can cover a few characters in the password that you might recollect.

Step 3Finally, press the Recover button to begin the password recovery process, and once it is completed, you can move to the password tab where the recovered password can be viewed.