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You have downloaded a RAR archive online but it has been password protect it and so you cannot open it? Well, we have all been through it. Many websites and users protect their RAR archives with passwords so only the authorized users have access to them. However, there are now some methods available to bypass WinRAR password. These methods let you bypass the password prompt and access all the contents of the archive without the password. Let's take a look at them.

Way 1: Bypass RAR Password Using Third Party Software

The 100% working and time saving way to bypass the RAR passwords in a straightforward manner is using a third-party software to do so. There is a software called Passper for RAR that allows you to do just that. It lets users import their RAR files into the software to remove the passwords. The software uses 4 attacks to increase the chances of finding out the password for your RAR file.

Key Features of Passper for RAR:

  • Powerful Password Recovery Ability: It support to recover up to 16-character password  shortly.

  • 4 Amazing password Attack Mode: Provided 4 attack modes, it greatly ensure the password recovery rate up to be 98% or above.

  • Ultrafast Recovery Speed: It adopts CPU acceleration & GPU acceleration, which makes its recovery speed much quickly than other competitors.

  • Trustworty and Safe to Use:Passper is sub-brand of iMyFone, a famous tech company widely recognized by a lot tech site like PCWorld, techradar,  thewindowsclub, tech advisor.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If this program isn't working and we cannot provide valid solutions, we will refund you shortly.

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The following shows how you can download and use the software on your computer.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1 Access the Passper for RAR website in your browser and download and install the software on your computer.

Step 2 Launch the software and click on the Add icon to add your RAR file to the app for cracking the password.


Step 3 Navigate to the folder where your RAR file is located and click on it and select Open to add the file to the software.

Step 4 Choose an attack from the attacks list on your screen and click on the Start button to start the password cracking process.


Step 5 Soon as the software has found the password, the password will be displayed on your screen as below.

recovered successfully

You have successfully bypassed the WinRAR password on your computer. You can also check the video guide of Passper for RAR below

Way 2: Bypass Winrar Password Using Command Prompt

If you are a commands geek and you spend the majority of your time playing around with Command Prompt, you would be glad to know that you can use your all time favorite utility to bypass the WinRAR password.

There is actually a batch file that has the entire code of finding out the password for your RAR file. You can launch the batch file with the Command Prompt utility to perform the whole procedure and to bypass the password. The following is how you go about doing it on your computer.

Step 1: Head over to the batch file link and download the file to your computer.

Step 2: Double-click on the batch file to launch it. When it launches, you will need to enter the location of your password protected RAR file. Do so and continue.

bat file

Step 3: Once you have given the batch file your RAR file name and its location, the file will begin to crack the password for your RAR archive. It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to finish cracking the password.

Step 4: The password will be shown on your screen when it is found.

password found

That is all there is to bypassing the WinRAR password using Command Prompt on your computer.

Way 3: Bypass RAR Password Using Notepad

While Notepad is usually only used for creating and editing text files, it helps bypass RAR passwords as well. There is a neat little trick that makes it possible to bypass the password prompt for your RAR files in the Notepad app. Although the recovery rate is pretty low, you can still give it a try.

Basically, the procedure involves launching your RAR file with the Notepad app. Then you change certain strings in the file to remove the password prompt. The following details the entire procedure step by step for you to follow and get rid of the password prompt while opening your RAR files.

Step 1: Find the password protected RAR file on your computer. Right-click on the file, select Open with followed by Choose another app, and click on Notepad to open the file with the Notepad app.

open with

Step 2: When the file opens in Notepad, select the Edit menu at the top and click on Replace. It will let you replace a string in the file.


Step 3: Replace Ûtà with 5^3tà and IžCO with IžCO. Once the strings are replaced, save the file.

Launch your RAR file with the WinRAR app and you will notice it no longer asks you to enter a password. You have successfully removed the password from your file.

That is how you bypass RAR password using Notepad on your computer.

Way 4: Bypass RAR Password Online

If you do not wish to use the built-in utilities on your computer to bypass the RAR password for some reason, you may use an online service that allows you to remove passwords from your RAR files on the web. But please note that, many online tool need you to upload your files online, this wiil lead to your sensitive infomation leakage. The following are the steps on how you can do the procedure without installing anything on your machine.

Step 1: Open a browser on your computer and head over to the Online ZIP Converter website.

Step 2: When the website has fully loaded in your browser, click on the button that says Choose Files to select and upload the RAR file from your computer to the website.

choose file

Step 3: Wait for the website to perform the conversion process. When your RAR file is converted to ZIP, download the ZIP file and you will notice it does not have your password in it.

That is how you bypass the RAR password using a website and without installing anything on your computer.


If you ever forgot the password for your RAR file, the above 4 methods will help you  access your encrypted RAR file without the need to enter a password. But according to my test, Passper RAR password unlocker tool is the best way for those who are looking for an easy to use and effective way to bypass RAR/WinRAR password. So don't hesitate to give it a try and I believe you won't uninstall it any more.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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