The Ultimate Guide about RAR Password Recovery

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If you are dealing with archives and similar file compression techniques, you should be aware of the RAR file format. It is an essential archiving format that lets you improve your data transfer speeds and reduce the overall file size. One of the advantages offered by the format is it lets you protect the archive contents with a password. But what if you lost the password, what could you do to recover it? Here, in this article, we will share with you everything about the RAR password recovery on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista PC.

Part 1: Methods about WinRAR Password Recovery

Method 1:RAR Password Recovery with Passper for RAR

Passper for RAR is an excellent tool for recovering your lost or forgotten RAR/WinRAR password without any issues. You can opt for multiple recovery techniques depending on the complexity of the password. The steps involved in the procedure are easy to follow with:

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Step 1Download and install Passper for RAR, then Launch the app and browse for the RAR archive that you want to unlock by clicking on the Add icon.


Step 2In the next step, choose the attck option you want to go with from brute force attack, mask attack, dictionary attack to recover your password depending upon the complexity.


Step 3Once you have configured those settings, you are done with it. Click on Recover and the software will begin decoding your password.

Step 4Once your password is found, the software will come up with a prompt. Passper is an excellent option for RAR password recovery.

recovered successfully

Method 2:Rar Password Recovery without software Using Notepad

This method will involve creating a BAT file for recovery of your password. Notepad is one of the excellent options to create your BAT file.

Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: First of all, create a Notepad file and name it rar-password.bat.

Step 2: Type in the commands in the bat file you just created. The commands are long enough and may need special attention.

bat file

The above image should give you a brief idea on the content of the Notepad file.

Step 3: Then double click on the bat file you just created and you should now be taken to the Command Prompt window

command prompt window

Step 4: Input the RAR file name for which you are trying to find the password for.

Step 5: Enter the path for the file in the next step. You can find it from the Windows Explorer.

If the information entered by you is correct, you will get the password in an instant.

The method is a little complicated and may not be easy to work with. It can be difficult for the newbies or those who are not comfortable with coding. Moreover, it may or may not work with every RAR file that is password protected.

Do note that the codes as in the above image may not work in every case. If you are not familiar with coding, it may be a good idea to seek help from a coding professional.

Part 2:How to Extract the RAR Archive after Password Recovery?

Now that you have found the password for your RAR archive, next option is to unpack the RAR files for your use.

WinRAR is an excellent option for the purpose though there may be other unpacking options available for you. It is a powerful unzipper for your archived files. Here are the steps involved in WinRAR password recovery:

Step 1: Right click on the RAR archive click on Extract Files

extract files

Step 2: Choose the destination folder where you would want to save the files

choose destination folder

Step 3: The application will begin extracting the files. When it asks for the password, input the password you just found out using any of the methods explained above.

imput password

That does it. You have successfully unpacked the contents of the archive.

You can also use 7Zip or WinZip applications to extract the files from the RAR archives. WinRAR has been observed to be an excellent option for unpacking the RAR archives.

Part 3: How to Lock RAR File with Password?

Now that we are aware of how to find the lost password of a RAR archive and how to use the password thus obtained to extract the archived files, it would also be pertinent to understand how can you lock a RAR file with a password. Follow the steps here below to add a password to protect your RAR file.

Step 1: Launch WinRAR and browse to the archive you want to lock.

lock rar

Step 2: Under the Archive Names and parameters tab, you should find the option for setting a password under the General tab.

set password

Step 3: Enter your preferred password, re-enter it to confirm and click on OK .

enter password

That does it. You have successfully locked a RAR archive with a password. In fact, you can add the password while you are creating an archive. Follow the same option as in the above tutorial.


That is all about RAR password recovery in which you have got the complete information on how to find a lost password for RAR archives and lock an archive with a password. We assume we have shared everything related to RAR archives and their password protection. We think we have been able to address all your concerns in an effective manner.

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