How to Extract Password Protected RAR File without Password

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I have a rar file which is password protected. I forgot the password. Is there any way that will extract this file without giving the actual password?

Sorry to hear that you are facing such an annoying situation. We truly understand your situation and we are here to share the best solution on how to extract password protected RAR file without password.

Best Solution: Extract Password Protected RAR File with Third-Party Tool

Have you been struggling to access your RAR archive due to the forgotten password? Well, Passper for RAR password recovery utility is the best tool that can give you the much needed solution. It is easy to use and your data will be completely secure.

4 Points Why Passper for RAR is the Best Tool:

  • Highest Recovery Rate: Equipped with 4 powerful attack modes, Passper for RAR guarantees a high success rate to its users.

  • Fastest Recovery Speed: Passper for RAR uses multicore CPU and GPU acceleration technology which makes it the fastest recovery tool.

  • Easy to Use: You can access your encrypted RAR archive in 3 steps.

  • No Data Loss or Leakage: Passper for RAR concerns your data security, there won't be any data loss during or after the recovery process.

Passper for RAR is designed to unlock the encrypted RAR files effortlessly. You may follow the steps listed below to recover your password.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

    Step 1: Run Passper for RAR on your Windows computer. Press the "+" button to import your encrypted RAR archive.

add rar archive

    Step 2: Passper for RAR offerd 4 powerful attack modes. Choose one attack method according to how much information you remember for the password.

choose attack mode

    Step 3: Click on the Recover button given. Password recovery process will start and once it is completed, you'll see a password tab where the recovered password is listed.

recover password successfully

Other 4 Solutions to Extract Password Protected RAR File without Password

There are other ways to recover RAR file password, listing four best solutions to recover the password, without using any third-party tool.

Solution 1: Guess RAR Password

We can detect a lot from the common passwords used. Try guessing the password with all permutations and combinations. Following are some reminders for you:

  • The Windows account login password

  • Frequent password used for online registration, such as social media accounts or forums

  • Regularly used passwords such as 6789, abcdef, 123456, 000, etc

  • Numerous various of your family members names or birthdays

Solution 2: Extract Encrypted RAR File with Notepad

One of the easiest ways to recover RAR password without using any software is with Notepad. This method is available in all computers by default. To crack the password, you need to follow the instructions listed below keenly.

    Step 1: To begin with open your encrypted RAR file with Notepad.

    Step 2: Press Ctrl+F to search for the following 2 keywords: Ûtà and 'IžC0. Then, replace Ûtà with 5³tà and replace 'IžC0 with IžC_0.


    Step 3: Save the file and open the file again from WinRAR. This time the file will open and it won’t ask for a password.

Solution 3: Extract Password Protected RAR File Using Command Prompt

Using Command Prompt is another solution to unlock encrypted RAR file without password. By using this method, Notepad plays an important role during whole process. You must type the correct command in notepad. Once done, run it as a ‘.bat’ file extension.

If your password contains digital numbers only, this is the best way to recover it. Since there are no powerful attack modes the whole process consumes huge time, especially when the password is long.

    Step 1: Create a new notepad file with proper instructions. You can search online to find the code for batch script.

create batch script file

    Step 2: Save it as a '.bat' file, for example cracker.bat.

cracker bat

    Step 3: Locate the .bat file and double click to open it. This opens the command prompt window immediately.

    Step 4: Type the password encrypted RAR file name and the location of the archive in the Command Prompt window.

    Step 5: After some time, the correct password will be cracked and displayed on the screen.

Solution 4: Extract RAR File without Password Online Free

There are many online tools for password recovery, one such is LostMyPass, which is one of the best ways that increases the chances of password recovery. LostMyPass checks the file uploaded for free with the claimed 3 million most commonly used passwords database. If offers 3 recovery methods. It is totally free for weak password recovery, but the success rate is only 22%. The strong password recovery and brute force with mask guarantee a much high success rate, but you need to pay for it.

Following are the steps to use LostMyPass to recover RAR password:

    Step 1: Firstly, you need to click to agree the Terms and Conditions.

    Step 2: Directly drop your file or click the "Click here" button to upload the file to the website.

upload rar file

    Step 3: Once uploaded successfully, the recovery process will begin automatically. Wait until the process it completed, you’ll receive the cracked password.

This may not work all the times. If the password is not recovered with a free check, you may also try paid LostMyPass claimed 20+ billion passwords database. We leave this up to you to take the decision.


We've listed the best ways to extract encrypted RAR files without password. Do try all the above listed solutions. Don't forget to share your valuable feedback in the comment section.


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