Top 2 Ways to Extract RAR without Password

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Attaching your files with a password is an involuntarily natural behavior to protect personal information from landing to unprivileged party. Advancing even further to create a complex one is a standard norm to have it hard for bad intentioned hackers to crack it. In spite of those good intentions, it is as well normal to forget the same password you created by yourself. This is not something worth laughing for because it can come with a lot of inconveniences. Nevertheless, there are multiple remedies which get you sorted quickly by giving you a platform to extract RAR without Password.

In here, you are going to learn two ways to extract WinRAR without password seamlessly.

Part 1: Extract RAR Archive Using Command Prompt

This method makes use of the DOS file on your computer to easily crack RAR password. You need first create a batch script file with ".bat" extension on Notepad for you to successfully proceed with the RAR password recovery.

Step 1. Seek for an easily accessible batch code and paste on Notepad.

Step 2. Save notepad created a ".bat" file. Enter the batch file name and include ".bat" at the end. Then select "All Files" from the drop-down lists alongside "Save as Type" Click "Save"

bat file

Step 3. Click on the created batch file to open. It is saved as a "RAR Password Cracker"

Step 4. On the now opened Command Prompt window provide the right file name and save location accordingly. Press the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

bat file credentials

Step 5. Command Prompt will automatically start to extract RAR without password after the immediate above step. After a while, you'll be able to see the cracked password on the screen.

copy password

Part 2: Extract Encrypted RAR with Passper for RAR

Passper for RAR is a new professional tool which has taken the market by storm. This utility offers you what you expect and more in a clear manner. The procedure on how to extract RAR without password with Passper for RAR is as simple as just extracting files. Passper for RAR is not only restricted to extracting RAR forgotten password but also recovers passwords for any other archive files including WinRAR and ZIP.

Follow the processes below and extract WinRAR without password:

Now download and install Passper for RAR on an accessible computer. Then click on its icon to open.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1. Tap on the "+" sign and browse for the locked archived file to upload on to the program.


Step 2. Choose an appropriate attack Mode. There are four attack modes for you to choose from; Combination Attack, Dictionary Attack, Mask Attack, and Brute Force Attack. The choice of the attack mode depends on what you know about the RAR Password to be extracted and its complexity,

choose attack mode

Step 3. Click on the "Next" button and consequently the process to extract RAR without a password will commence, and once it is completed you can find the recovered password on the password tab.

recovered successfully

Part 3: How to Convert a RAR File

To convert RAR file means to change the RAR extension on the archived file to another different archive extension such as 7-ZIP, ZIP, TGZ, TAR, DEB, and among others. To convert a RAR file to another archive file is possible and super-easy. This is backed by the fact that there are unlimited resources, both online utilities and desktop suites readily there to handle the job.

Online RAR file converters are good for the small-sized RAR file otherwise it will consume a lot of your time to during uploading period, converting and later downloading. Therefore, for big RAR files you just use Desktop RAR file converter.

How to convert a RAR file using ZAmzar:

Step 1. Go to its official website using the link

Step 2. Click "Add File…" and upload the RAR file.

choose archive format

Step 3. Choose an archive format you prefer from the archive formats list.

upload rar zamzar

Step 4. Click "Convert Now," and within no time the RAR file will be converted to the other archive file you've selected.

convert now

Part 4: How to Make a RAR File

If you've once undergone a tiresome search for the right software to open the RAR file, we can inform you that the same applies to the process of creating the RAR file. This has happened to be a tiresome endeavor because software developers are under a tight corner, in that they must first acquire explicit permission from the RAR copyright owner re-create compression algorithm for the file in question.

Besides the strict conditions from RAR copyright owner, there are quite some few software currently available for you to make a RAR file such as WinRAR. You may do so by following the guide below:

Step 1. Download and install WinRAR on your computer.

Step 2. Now, you can select several files on your computer storage, including images, documents, MP3 songs, etc. which you are planning to create a RAR file with them using WinRAR. Once you've selected all the files, right-click and select the "Add to archive…" option.

add archve

Step 3. After selecting the said option, WinRAR Interface will automatically come to sight. It is from this window that you have the liberty to select "RAR" as the archive format from "Archive format" section. You can change the compression style by accessing the drop-down menu on the "Compression method"

select archive

Step 4. At the moment you finish setting up, click "OK" The time taken to create the RAR file depends on the size of the selected file.


Handling RAR files is not as complex as usually seem to be. They are good to archive files safely. Nonetheless, if you have forgotten security credentials attached to it, we advise you to use Passper for RAR. You'll extract RAR without password in only one take.

Converting RAR file possible to another archive format but not to non-archive format. To archive RAR to MP3 is not possible unless you extract it.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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