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Full solutions and tutorials for password recovery, restrictions removal, and other common issues for Windows and Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF/RAR/Zip.

[Fixed] How to Crack Word Document Password without Software

Don't know how to crack word document password without software? Check this article to learn tools and options to crack word password without software.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Oct 23, 2020

4 Easy Methods to Recover Unsaved Word Document 2019

Do you need to recover unsaved Word document? If you lost the file for no reason, the 4 easy methods will let you know how to retrieve unsaved Word documents.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Oct 23, 2020

4 Methods to Crack Excel VBA Password

Do you want to crack VBA project password in your Excel file? Please reading this article, you will learn 4 ways to do that manually or automatically.

userBy William Wilson| Oct 23, 2020

7 Solutions to Fix Windows 7 Stuck on Welcome Screen Issue

Your Windows 7 stuck on welcome screen? You will find 7 solutions to get iPhone our of welcome screen by reading this article.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Oct 23, 2020

Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key for You (100% Working)

[UPDATED] You are in the right place if you are finding a Microsoft office 2016 product key. Get the genuine office 2016 product key to activate your office document.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Oct 23, 2020

How to Open a Password Protected Word Document without Password

This page provides you with several ways to open password protected word document without password.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Oct 23, 2020

How to Open PDF Without Password

Read this post and learn how to open the locked PDF file without knowing the password.

userBy Adams Johnson| Oct 23, 2020

2 Easy Ways to Print Password Protected PDF

If you are unable to print PDF files, you can find useful solutions here.

userBy William Wilson| Oct 23, 2020

3 Strategies to Reset A Locked Computer on Windows 7

In this article, we make a detailed introduction of 3 methods, which can be used to reset your locked computer. We will also tell you how to do a factory reset.

userBy William Wilson| Oct 23, 2020

Effective Methods to Convert Secured PDF to Unsecured

This article offers you several methods to convert your secured PDF file into unsecured.

userBy William Wilson| Oct 06, 2020