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How to Get the Full Version of Passper for Excel

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If you forgot the password to access or edit your password-protected Excel file, the full version of Passper for Excel is the best solution to easily recover the password or remove all editing restrictions. Are you curious to know how to get Passper for Excel full version? Well, then you've landed on the right place. In today's article, we will not only help you understand everything about Passper for Excel full version. We have also attached a big discount for you. Let's keep reading.

Part 1: The Features of Passper for Excel Full Version

Passper for Excel has become a popular password recovery tool due to its simplicity and efficiency in password recovery. First of all, we think it's important to share with you the features of Passper for Excel full version before we address how to get it. The following are some features of Passper for Excel full version.

passper for excel main interface
  • The full version is equipped with 4 powerful and customized recovery modes. Based on the smart strategies and advanced AI algorithm, it can greatly reduce the candidate passwords and thus shorten the recovery time.

  • All editing and formatting restrictions on your Excel worksheet/workbook can be removed instantly with 100% success rate.

  • The tool is easy to use. Even if you are a computer newbie, you can unlock your encrypted Excel file within 3 steps.

  • The program has an ability to save the recovery process. You can pause the recovery progress at any time and continue from there later.

  • By using Passper for Excel full version, your data privacy is 100% secured.

  • The program has a broad compatibility. All Microsoft Excel versions are supported by the program.

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Part 2: Can You Get A Free Download of Passper for Excel Full Version?

It's important to note that Passper for Excel does not provide free download option for the full version. But it will not be surprising if you find some free cracked versions of Passper for Excel. For security reasons, we highly suggest you avoid downloading and installing those cracked versions on your devices. Those cracked versions of Passper for Excel have many disadvantages, which include:

  • Using a cracked version is illegal because you are infringing with the copyrights. You'll be fined depending on the country's law.

  • Some viruses or malware have been inserted to the cracked version, and they will damage your devices.

  • Your data security is not guaranteed when you download a cracked version to your device.

Therefore, if possible, it's better to spend a petty amount on authentic resources, and enjoy the originality of the software.

Part 3: What You Can Get from Purchasing Passper for Excel Full Version?

Passper for Excel offers three plans of subscription. The three plans are divided into monthly, yearly, and lifetime. You can choose one plan according to your needs, and after purchasing, you can enjoy the following benefits:

choose a license plan of passper for excel

Unlock unlimited Excel files: With the full version, you can access all the features built in the software. And you can unlock unlimited Excel files/worksheets/workbooks.

30-day money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the performance or the software doesn't work for you, you can contact the support center requiring a full refund.

Free lifetime update: Passper team will keep updating the program to improve some features or fix some technical issues. You can enjoy all these updates for free.

7/24/365 professional technical support: In case that you need any assistance during the usage of the program, you can contact the Passper support center. You will receive professional support immediately.

Part 4: How to Get Passper for Excel Full Version with Discount?

If you are choosing to use or at least considering using Passper for Excel full version, we'd like to reward you with a 20% discount coupon code. You can use the coupon code to save your money.

20% off Coupon Code: PP-20OFF

Following is a step-by-step guide on how to get Passper for Excel full version with coupon code:

Step 1: Choose the purchase plan and click the purchase link under below:

choose a license plan of passper for excel

Step 2: The order page will automatically provide you with a discounted price. Next, fill in the details of the payment and billing option to complete the purchase.

coupon affect

Step 3: If the coupon code doesn't come to effect, you can enter the coupon code manually. Click on "I have a discount coupon" then enter the coupon code 'PP-20OFF' displayed above. Click 'Apply' to take effect.

enter coupon code

Being a popular and effective password recovery tool, Passper for Excel has received many positive reviews from its users. Therefore, this program is completely trustworthy to use. Don't hesitate to try it now!

positive review for passper for excel

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Posted on Oct 26, 2023 ( Updated: Oct 26, 2023)

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