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Full solutions and tutorials for password recovery, restrictions removal, and other common issues for Windows and Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF/RAR/Zip.

[NEW] 5 Ways to Bypass Windows 7 Admin Password

Searching for ways to bypass Windows 7 admin password? In this post, you will learn 5 solutions to bypass administrator password on Windows 7.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Jul 09, 2020

Straxx Excel Password Remover Full Review in 2020

Is Straxx Excel Password Remover a goog tool to use? In this post, we have made a full review of this tool, and we think you should never miss those information.

userBy William Wilson| Jul 07, 2020

6 Tips to Fix Windows 7/8/10 User Profile Service Failed the Logon Issue

Got an error message of 'the user profile service failed the logon' when you attempted to log into the account on your computer? Here are 6 quick tutorials for this issue.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Jul 03, 2020

All About Microsoft Account Password Reset on Windows 10

Want to reset Microsoft account password? Then you should never miss this article. You will learn 3 working methods here.

userBy Adams Johnson| Jul 03, 2020

5 Options to Unlock Computer without Password If Locked out

Don't be panic if you are locked yourself out of your computer. Here are 5 methods that are 100% effective to unlock computer without password.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Jul 03, 2020

Top 4 Methods to Unprotect Workbook without Password

Don't know the password of your encrypted Excel workbook? This post shows you 4 tips to unprotect Excel workbook without password

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Jul 03, 2020

[8 Solutions] How to Fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 7

Blue screen of death error on Windows 7 is a common issue. Do you have any way to overcome this problem? Here are 7 quick fixes in this article. Let's take a look!

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Jul 03, 2020

8 Simple Ways to Fix Laptop Won't Turn on

Sometimes, your laptop won't turn on when you keep pressing the Power button. In this article, you will know the reasons for laptop not turning on and the solutions to fix this issue.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Jul 03, 2020

5 Ways to Recover Unsaved/Deleted Excel File for Free

How to recover unsaved Excel file? Don't worry, go through the top 5 workable solutions in this article to find your deleted and unsaved Excel files.

userBy Ronnie Barnes| Jul 03, 2020

PDF Password Remover Portable Review and Its Best Alternative

Want to use PDF Password Remover Portable? Wait. You should read this review first. And you will find a better alternative to it.

userBy William Wilson| Jul 03, 2020