Passper WinSenior is a professional Windows password recovery tool designed to easily reset or remove Windows user and admin passwords as well as delete and create user accounts on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista with ease. Follow the guide below to get started using this tool.

Part 1: Create a Window Password Reset Disk

Download, install, and launch Passper WinSenior on an accessible computer.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1 Depending on the bootable disc you have acquired, either select "CD/DVD" or "USB Flash Drive" from the options on the main interface. Insert the bootable drive into the accessible computer. Hit the "Create" button to proceed.

no cd usb

Step 2 A popup will appear. Click "Continue" to confirm burning. It will take a few minutes to burn the program. Once the burning is complete, eject your CD/DVD/USB.

format prompt

Part 2: Enter Boot Menu on the Locked Computer

After successfully creating a Windows password reset disk (burning the ISO image into the CD/DVD/USB flash drive) insert the bootable CD/DVD/USB into the target computer.

Step 1Choose your computer type or brand to know which key you should press to enter the Boot Menu.

boot menu key

Even though it is straightforward to enter the boot menu, it varies across computer brands.

Step 2Boot the computer and quickly press the key as soon as it starts. Keep pressing and releasing the key until it enters the Boot Menu. If you miss the time to enter the Boot Menu or the Boot Menu doesn't appear, check How to Enter BIOS & Enter Setup Utility.

Step 3Select the brand of your CD/DVD/USB with the arrow keys from the list on the Boot Menu and click Enter.

select cd usb brand

Some brands of CD/DVD/USB are not listed, but you will see phrases including USB, CD, or DVD, for example USB Storage Device or CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive. If you use a USB flash drive to create a Windows password reset disk, select USB Storage Device. If you use CD or DVD, choose CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive.

Step 4The interface of the Windows password reset program will appear. Select the operating system of your locked computer to start removing/resetting your Windows passwords or deleting/creating your Windows accounts.

choose system

Part 3: Access the Locked Computer

You will get a guide for using a created CD/DVD/USB flash drive to reset a Windows password as follows:

1. Reset Windows Password

Step 1Select "Reset Windows Password" from the list on the interface. Click Next to proceed.

choose a task

Step 2Select the user account for which you want to reset a password and click Next. Enter the new password for the target account and click Reset.

choose a user
reset password

Step 3 A notification will inform that you've reset the password for the account successfully. Click Reboot Computer. Eject the CD/DVD/USB flash drive and click Reboot Now to confirm that you want to reboot the computer. When the computer powers on, use the new password.

2. Remove Windows Password

Step 1Select the "Remove Windows Password" button from the interface and click Next.

choose a task

Step 2 Select the user account from which you want to remove Windows password and click Remove.

choose a user

Step 3After a short while, your password will be removed successfully, you can restart your computer and login into the account without a password.

removed successfully

3. Delete Windows Account

Step 1Select Delete Windows Account on the Choose a Task screen.

choose a task

Step 2Select the user account to be deleted.

choose a user

Step 3Click Delete. You'll be notified that the account has been deleted immediately.

delete account

4. Create a Windows Admin Account

Step 1Select Create a Windows Admin Account option in the Choose a Task window.

choose a task

Step 2 Enter the username and password you wish to assign to the account.

create a new account

Step 3 Step 3. When you are done, you will see your new account on the screen. Click Reboot Computer. You'll be able to use the new account to log into Windows once the PC restarts.

create account