Passper for PDF is a great tool that assists you to recover password of a password protected PDF file or remove restrictions so that you edit, overwrite or copy data into the unlocked PDF file without any hassle.

Part 1:  How to Find the Password Using Passper for PDF

Follow the steps here below for finding the password from an encrypted PDF file.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1Choose How You Want to Unlock the PDF

Download and install Passper for PDF on computer. Then launch it when the installation completed and select 'Recover Passwords' option.

Step 2Choose Attack Type

Add the password protected PDF file to the Passper for PDF application by clicking on Add and browse to the location of the PDF file.

Next, choose the appropriate attack type. The software offers 4 different attack type options:

Dictionary Attack – The Dictionary Attack option is best suited for the simple and easy option for finding the password. It is the default attack type for finding the password. It makes use of a default dictionary for finding the password. You can even use a customized dictionary and add it to the software.

Combination Attack – Combination attack mode works by randomly combining a set of letters, numbers and special characters of your choice to arrive at your password.  

Mask Attack – This attack type will be a good option if you are aware of a  few parameters of the password. You can configure a few parameters to make it easy to find a password. You can use a few parameters like the length of the password, affixes, suffixes and number of characters. You can even configure the type case of letters.

Brute-Force Attack The password recovery option does not need any specific settings or configuration on your part. However, it will take longer time to complete the recovery. Since the software needs to handle all the password combinations, you will need to be patient enough until it is completed.

Step 3Recover PDF Password

Once you have configured all your settings and chosen an attack type to recover your password, click on 'Recover'. The password retrieval will begin. Depending upon the attack type you have chosen, it will take a while to complete recovering your password.

Once the password is found, the software will detect the password. Then you can use the password to decrypt your PDF file.

Part 2: How to Remove Restrictions Using Passper for PDF

Removing the password should be an easier option than recovering the password for your PDF file. Follow these steps:

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1Launch Passper for PDF, then choose 'Remove Restrictions' on the main interface.

Step 2Once the encrypted PDF file is imported, simply click on Remove button.

Step 3It will take less than 3 seconds to remove the restrictions for PDF file.

That does it. The password is removed within a couple of seconds.