Top 14 Excel Password Remover Tools in 2019

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It happens sometimes that you forget the Excel password that you set thereby making it near impossible to gain access to the file which can be frustrating. With an Excel password remover, you can easily unlock and reset forgotten passwords for Excel files and workbooks. If you are currently looking for the Excel password remover software, this article will help you out with that.

There are mainly 2 types of passwords you can find in Excel: Password to Open, Password to Modify. Some Excel password remover tools introduced in this article can remove all types of passwords while some can only remove Password to Open. You can refer to the comparison table below to choose the best one in the shortest time.

Remove 'Password to Open' Remove 'Password to Modify' Success Rate Operation Rating
Passper Excel Password Remover 100% Remove in only 3 steps, very easy.      
SmartKey Excel Password Recovery 95% Complex, the interface is not simple.     
SysTools Excel Password Recovery 93% Not easy to use, errors always occur.    
iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer 95% Easy to use.    
PassFab for Excel 90% Easy to use.    
iSunshare Excel Password Remover 97% Easy to use.    
Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery 93% Simply to use, but the interface is very old.     
Excel Password Recovery Master 95% Easy to use, but the password cannot be removed in one click.      
Daossoft Excel Password Rescuer 90% The user interface is not simple.   
Accent Excel Password Recovery 97% A bit complicated.     
Passware Excel Key 93% The user interface is not simple. 97% Easy to use, but the data may get lost.  
Password Protection Remover Pro 97% Easy to use.     
Excel Bee Password Remover Macro 95% Very complex and difficult.  

Now you can directly jump to your favorite Excel password remover in this article:

Part 1. Excel Password Remover Software

1. Passper for Excel (100% Working)

This is an effective, quick and easy way to recover any passwords for your Excel document or remove protection for read-only Excel sheet. Passper Excel Password Remover has 4 attack modes with which you can use to recover the password without modifying or damaging the data saved on the Excel file. And it is compatible with Excel versions ranging from 2003 to 2019.

   Core Features of Passper for Excel:

  • Remove the opening password for a password protected Excel document.

  • Removing password protection and read-only protection from your worksheet or workbook to edit, print, copy or print with 100% success rate.

  • The length or complexity of your MS Excel password does not matter. Passper for Excel will recover any types of Excel password for you within minutes.

  • It supports Multi-core CPU and GPU Acceleration to highly speed up the recovery speed.

  • Advanced algorithms are used to highly increase the success rate of password recovery.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

passper for excel


The developer of Passper: iMyFone has recenved a lot of good reviews from  Cult of Mac, Makeuseof and other well-known medias. Besides, we also receive Letter of Thanks from our users.

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2. SmartKey Excel Password Recovery

With SmartKey Excel Password Recovery tool, you can recover the password for any Excel xls/xlsx file no matter how long or how complex it is. It can recover password for Excel versions from 2016 to the older versions. Here are the features of SmartKey Office Password Recovery.

   Features of SmartKey Excel Password Recovery:

  • Unlock Excel document and Excel worksheet/Workbook.

  • Supports to recover Excel password online.

  • Fully compatible with Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc.

smartKey excel password recovery

3. SysTools Excel Password Recovery

With SysTools Excel Password Recovery tool, you can unlock any Excel file with any of the three attack modes that we are already familiar with. It keeps the integrity of your Excel file intact and can recover the password of many Excel files at once.

   Main Features of SysTople Excel Password Recovery:

  • It features multilingual cracking and revives of passwords.

  • It features zero limitations on file size.

  • It keeps data integrity intact after password removal.

  • It features a function that removes passwords from multiple files simultaneously.

  • It supports all Windows version and Excel versions.

systools excel password recovery

This is an easy-to-use Excel password remover tool that supports all versions of Excel. Any types of passwords for Excel file can be removed instantly.

4. iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer

This is a trusted excel file password recovery software that offers 85% password recovery rate. It uses four types of attack and can recover passwords of any length or complexity. The most common attack mode that is used with this software is the Brute Force.

   Main Features of iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer:

  • It features four powerful attack modes.

  • It supports the two versions of Microsoft Excel workbook which are xls. and xlsx.

  • It supports Microsoft Excel versions 97 through to 2019.

isumsoft office password refixer

5. PassFab for Excel

This is the simplest excel sheet password remover, and it comes in two versions – the free version and paid version. It is compatible with all Excel versions, and there are different techniques which the software uses to recover your Excel password. The password recovery success rate for PassFab for Excel is 85%.

   Main Features of PassFab for Excel:

  • It features three attack modes - Brute, Dictionary and Mask Attack modes.

  • It features online Excel 2016 password recovery.

  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows and all versions of Excel.

passfab for excel

6. iSunshare Excel Password

This Excel file password remover has three password recovery options and is compatible with all versions of Excel and the versions for Windows. It automatically saves the password recovery process so that you can suspend and resume the process at any time.

   Main Features of iSunshare Excel Password

  • It features three attack modes.

  • It features the save and resume password recovery feature.

  • It features Multi-code CPU and multiprocessor.

  • It works with all versions of Windows to Windows 10 as well as Excel 97 to 2019.

isunshare excel password

7. Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery

This is another powerful program that you can use as your Excel password remover to unlock your locked Excel files. It works with the brute-force attack which delivers a 90 percent success rate, and it is free to download and performs excel password recovery free.

   Main Features of Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery Tool:

  • It features two attack modes - Brute attack and Mask attack.

  • It features password length specification. That is, users can specify the minimum and maximum lengths of the password they are trying to recover.

  • It features a process dialog that displays the recovery process status and when it is expected to be completed.

stellar phoenix excel password-recovery

8. Excel Password Recovery Master

This is another one of the most effective password recovery software that retrieves lost password. To effectively retrieve passwords with this tool, there are three attack modes that you can use which are advanced brute force attack, advanced dictionary attack, and brute force attack.

   Main Features of Excel Password Recovery Master:

  • It features a one-click password recovery process.

  • It features multiple languages, including German, Russian, French, Spanish and English.

  • It can crack any type of Excel passwords including VBA project passwords and workbook and worksheet password.

  • It supports both XLS. and XLSX. formats as well as all versions of Excel from 97 to 2016.

excel password recovery master

9. Daossoft Excel Password Rescuer

This excel password remover software has a user-friendly interface that is easily understandable by any user. It unlocks your Excel file using four different attack modes which are the smart attack, brute attack, dictionary attack, and mask attack.

   Main Features of Daossoft Excel Password Rescuer:

  • It features a GPU acceleration technology with NVIDIA video cards that are yet to be patented.

  • It features the 'save and resume recovery process' later mode.

  • It features 24/7 free technical support.

  • It supports all versions of Excel from 97 to 2016.

daossoft excel password rescuer

10. Accent Excel Password Recovery

Accent Excel Password Recovery is an excel password remover that is capable of finding your password very quickly. Just like the other software tools, it also features the various attack modes which include brute force with mask attack, brute force, and enhanced dictionary attacks. You can use this software to across different platforms which include Android, iOS and Mac.

   Main Features of Accent Excel Password Recovery:

  • It supports different types of passwords.

  • It features three attack types.

  • It features a simple and user-friendly interface.

  • It supports older ver versions of Windows.

accent excel password recovery

11. Passware Excel Key

This is an easy-to-use Excel password remover tool that supports all versions of Excel. Any types of passwords for Excel file can be removed instantly.

   Main Features of Passware Excel Key:

  • It features an online decryption attack that can remove password for Excel document.

  • It also features a very simple-to-use interface that anybody can understand easily.

  • All version of Excel files is supported.

passware excel key

Part 2. Excel Password Remover Online

This is a website that scans your Excel file after you upload your locked Excel file to get it unlocked. This is not usually free as you may have to pay 10 Euros for every recovery.

   Main Features of Password-online:

  • There is no need to download software to your PC.

  • It takes less time to complete recovery process.

  • It features 40-bit fast decryption.

online password recovery

Part 3. Excel Password Remover Add-Ins

3.1 Password Protection Remover Pro

Password  Protection Remover Pro is an Add-in that was developed by the Spreadsheet1 Team. Even with the strong AES encryption used in Excel 2007 and later that makes it difficult to attack them, Password Protection Remover Pro bypasses this encryption easily. For any Excel document of version 2007 till date, this free Ribbon VBA add-in will remove the password protection.

It is also optimized for speed, which means it gets the job done within a short time. To get access to the free trial of Password Protection Remover Pro, you will have to subscribe to the Ribbon Commander framework.

Features of Password Protection Remover Pro:

  • It supports Excel version 2007 and later versions.

  • It is a paid tool, but you get to enjoy the FREE trial first.

password protection remover pro

3.2 Excel Bee Password Remover Macro

This tool works using pure VBA code, and it is an add-in that helps you remove password from a protected Excel spreadsheet. It is the simple-to-use software, and you do not need to be well-grounded in VBA coding to use this program.

Features  of Excel Bee Password Remover Macro:

  • It supports Excel versions of 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.

  • It is free software. You do not need to pay to use the software.

Bonus Tip: How to Remove Excel Password with Passper Excel Password Remover

Recover 'Password to Open' in Excel file

Passper Excel Password Remover is an Excel password recovery tool that can be used to recover your opening Excel password that you have lost or forgotten.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Step 1. Launch Passper for Excel on your computer. On the main interface, click on 'Recover Passwords'.

choose recovery mode

Step 2. Import the Excel file you would like to unlock.

add excel file

Step 3. Choose your preferred attack mode. Learn more about each attack mode below:

select attack method

Step 4. After the recovery process is complete, the program will display the password.

recover excel password

Video guide:

Remove 'Password to Modify' in Excel Worksheet

Sometimes people set passwords to prevent unauthorized parties from modifying or editing their Excel files, and they end up forgetting the password. If this happens to you, often, you will be able to open your file but will be unable to edit or modify the worksheet. However, with Passper for Excel you will be able to unlock your Excel worksheet and modify it.

Step 1. Install and Launch Passper Excel Recovery tool on PC. Then select 'Remove Restrictions' option.

select recovery mode

Step 2. Choose the Excel worksheet or workbook you want to unlock from your computer. Then click on 'Remove' button.

add excel sheet

Step 3. Wait for a while, and your Excel document will be unprotected for editing.

remove excel restrictions

Video Guide:


There are plenty of efficient Excel password remover tools that you can use for Excel password recovery. Passper for Excel is one of the highly recommended software if you ever find yourself trying to gain access to your Excel document or get the copy of Excel sheet.


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