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Have you forgotten or lost your ZIP file password and tried to unlock without success? Yes, I understand how sucking it is especially if you have got no idea. This article will give you the top 10 ZIP password unlockers that would help solve your password issues.

1.Passper for ZIP

Passper for ZIP is the NO.1 ZIP password cracker tool boosting immense success rates. It recovers lost or forgotten passwords from ZIP/WinZIP/7ZIP archives even though you know nothing about the password. There up to four password attack modes namely the Dictionary Attack, Combination Attack, Mask Attack, and Brute-Force Attack. which enable this tool recovers a maximum of 16 symbol length password.

Key Features of Passper for ZIP:

  • The password recovery speed is super-fast.

  • The program has a much higher recovery success rate than other similar tools.

  • The program is small and lightweight.

  • 4 Customized attack methods make RAR/WinRAR password efficiently at home, at work.

  • Pretty easy to use. Only 3 steps, you can unlock the locked ZIP file. No special skills needed.

  • 100% trustworthy which is highly recognized by a lot of tech authorities.

How to recover using Passper for ZIP

Now follow the step by step guide to unlock the encrypted ZIP files. First of all, download and install Passper for ZIP.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1.Click the Add button to import the respective ZIP file.

Step 2. Choose the desired attack mode based to your situation and hit "Next."

import zip file

Step 3. Click the "Recover" to start recover your ZIP password. Once completed, copy down the password and use the password to unlock the decrypted ZIP file.

recover password

You can check out this video to further understand how to use it:

2. iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer

iSumsoft ZIP Password refixer is a highly rated professional password unlocker tool for ZIP files. It has the ability to recover ZIP archives including ZIP/WinZIP/PKZIP/7ZIP, and archives in .ZIP and .ZIPx format. There are up to four password attack modes including Normal, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart attack modes.

isumsoft zip password refixer


  • High-speed recovery with 90% recovery success.

  • Supports a wide range of ZIP files.


  • Limited features for the free trial version

  • Recover the password of up to 10 characters.

3. PassFab for ZIP

PassFab for ZIP is undoubtedly one of the obvious names when curating for the best ZIP password unlocker. Thanks to its prowess in unlocking password-protected ZIP files with ease and speed. To fully recover the file, users have to pass through three steps and happens almost immediately. Free of bias, the program does the job quite effectively with 3 attack modes.

passfab for zip


  • The excellent recovery rate of 80%

  • The program offers up to three attack modes namely brute-force, brute-force with Musk, and dictionary mode.


  • Not a free program.

  • It will damages your files.

  • It always crashes when recover the password.

4. Accent ZIP Password Recovery

This is a professional software which helps recover passwords for the encrypted ZIP files. The highlight is its ability to recover files from both classic and stubborn AES encryptions. It is also known for its incredibly fast recovery process and is thus worth every penny you chuck out. Its intuitive interface is worth mentioning as well as newbies will find it easy to navigate.

accent zip password recovery


  • The program supports all types of ZIP files

  • It offers a variety of attack modes namely Brute Force, Mask, and Dictionary attacks.

  • Runs on all versions of windows including the earlier ones.


  • It is not free

  • Runs on Windows OS only.

5. Atomic ZIP Password Recovery

This is a functional ZIP password recovery tool as the name suggest. It lets you retrieve the password from protected ZIP archives with super-fast speed and high success rates.

atomic zip password recovery


  • Excellent recovery speed.

  • Easy to work with and easy platform.


  • Does not offer several password attack modes.

  • Recovers a maximum of 5 symbol length password.

6. Ultimate ZIP Cracker

This is another great ZIP file password recovery tool that has since garnered many users. Unlike other same purpose software, this program requires that you feed more information regarding the password you are trying to retrieve. It would then automatically perform the remaining task.

ultimaete zip cracker


  • The program is flexible. It extracts ZIP, Word, and Excel files.

  • The interface is simple and straightforward.


  • The trial mode is limited and not effective.

7. ZIP Password Tool

ZIP Password Recovery tool is a powerful software for retrieving password for a locked ZIP file. It handles a variety of compressed ZIP files ranging from WinZIP, PKZIP, or simply any other tool that is compatible with ZIP. The program supports a range of ZIP encryption standards like 2.0 ZIP, 128, 196, and 256-bit AES encryption. ZIP Password Recovery tool uses both Dictionary and Bruce attack method to unlock the respective password. Users can customize these options by adding more characters as well as editing the case change features.


  • Supports recovery of several types of ZIP files.

  • Offers more than one password attack modes.

  • Fast and reliable


  • Better performance requires paid version.

8. ZIP Password Geeker

ZIP Password Geeker is a common password recovery tool for ZIP files well known for its amazing recovery speed. Thanks to the multiprocessor system optimization technique. You can recover your password-protected ZIP file via four powerful attack modes namely Brute-Force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.

zip password geeker


  • The program offers up to four powerful attack modes

  • Incredibly fast password recovery speed with 100% recovery rate.


  • The free version is limited as you can only retrieve up to three characters of the password.

9. Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker

Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker is a powerful application that let users unlock password encrypted ZIP files with ease. Generally, users can use two attack options namely Dictionary and Brute Force attacks. You can get the basic version at $19.99 but you will have to fork out as much as $29.99 and $49.99 for professional and Enterprise versions respectively.

appnimi zip password unlocker


  • The password recovery is super-fast

  • The autosave feature ensures you can pause and resume the recovery process at any time.


  • There is no free version

10. ZIP Password Cracker Pro

ZIP Password cracker is a functional ZIP file password unlocker program that enables respective users to generate passwords and use them to unlock the password-protected ZIP files. It offers a host of useful password generation features and thus is an incredible platform. Its ability to save restart information ensures that it continues with the process in case of computer failure, crash, or power failure.

zip password cracker pro


  • Download is free.

  • It has the ability to continue where it left in an event of a system interruption.


  • Supports windows version.

  • Does not offer various attack modes.


The bottom line is that there are a couple of effective ZIP password unlocker tools. However, you need to be careful because some will not solve your problem effectively. This is why you need to be aware of an ultimate ZIP password cracker. Try Passper for ZIP and get all your ZIP problems buried.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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