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I am trying to get access to a .zip file that is password protected. The thing is, I don't know the length of the password or what strings are used. I ran some free tool on it for three days at a range of 5 characters, upper, lower, but nothing. Can you crack ZIP password online?

Yes, there are online crack ZIP password tools that you can use to unlock the ZIP files with a forgotten password. Online ZIP password tool is a favorable option, especially of you, do not want to install any a ZIP password cracker software in your computer. Now, this article shows you how to crack zip password online on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista PC step by step.

Part 1: How to Crack ZIP Password Online

OnlineHashCrack ZIP recovery is an online platform that allows you to crack ZIP password files as well as RAR and 7-ZIP archive files. According to the website, it uses rar2john and zip2john and 7z2john from JohnTheRipper tools to extract the hash. Moreover, this online ZIP password cracker values your security by deleting the files you have unlocked immediately. With that being said let us now have a look a step by step guide on how to use this software.

Step 1. Open your browser and go to OnlineHashCrack ZIP recovery website.

Step 2. At the center of the window, you will see an option that allows you to select and upload ZIP, RAR or 7-ZIP archive file. Click on the "Browse" button so that you can be able to search the locked ZIP file on your local drive.

choose file

Step 3. Once you have selected the file, you will see the "Remove" and "Upload" options appear. If you selected the wrong file, then click remove and select another ZIP file. If you have selected the correct file, then click on "Upload" and wait as it is being uploaded. You will see the progress bar in percentage on the screen.


Step 4. After that, the program will then begin to crack the ZIP password of your file and output on the screen. It will render something like this as shown below

Part 2: How to Crack ZIP Password with Passper for ZIP

You might not be pleased with the limited outcome of the ZIP password online option, and you may want to install software on your computer. Well, it is possible to install a tool to crack ZIP password on your computer with a program like Passper for ZIP. This is a program that you install on your Windows computer, and it will aid you to get back any ZIP/7ZIP/WinZIP password in seconds. This software is easy to install and simple to use. Also, it is built with three password recovery modes that are robust.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1Visit Passper for ZIP official website, download and install the Windows version on your computer.

Step 2After that, a new window will appear. Click on "Add" and you will be able to upload password protected ZIP file to the program. Uploading the ZIP file should take you a few seconds.

import zip file

Step 3Next, you need to choose the crack mode that you want to use. If you do not remember your password entirely then choose Brute Force Attack option. However, if you have a clue of your ZIP password, then select  Mask Attack. On the settings, you will be able to set on what you still remember about the password.

select attack mode

Now once you have chosen, the crack mode clicks on the "Recover" button.

Step 4Passper for ZIP will then begin to crack the ZIP password immediately. The time it takes often depends on the length and complexity of the password.

Step 5Once Passper for ZIP completes retrieving the password, it will display it on a pop window. You can copy the password and use it to open your ZIP file on your computer.

recover password

Extra Tips: How to Repair the Invalid ZIP File

With ZIP files, you may run into corrupted or damaged ZIP files, and you will not be able to open them. What will you do? Delete the ZIP file? No, you need to repair the ZIP files and then open it. Here is a guide on how to fix invalid ZIP file on Windows.

Step 1. On your Windows computer, go to Start and search for "Command Prompt" and open it as an administrator. The way of accessing command prompt may vary according to Windows versions.

Step 2. Next, you need to alter the directories to the folder that the broken ZIP file was stored. To do so enter the following: C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip" -if > and then Press Enter.

command prompt

Step 3. By doing so, the command will also show a list of other broken ZIP files on your computer if any.

And that is how to repair broken ZIP files using command prompt on Windows. You can also use third party software to repair broken files if you are not used to using Command prompt.


In this article, we have seen how to crack ZIP password online and to use Passper for ZIP software. Although the two methods are aimed to recover ZIP password, using Passfab for ZIP software is more friendly, unlike the online mode. Everyone might not understand the output of the online method.

Moreover, it is evident that if you have a broken ZIP file, you can always repair it using the command prompt application on your computer or use third-party software. With that being said, a locked ZIP file should never worry as you know have ways on how to unlock it.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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