How to Login to Windows 7 without Password in 4 Ways (100% Working)

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Most of us prefer to secure PC with a login password. The password recommended is a strong one which in turn might be vulnerable to be forgotten. So what if you forgot the password you set, how to get into Windows 7 without password? No worries, just read this article until the end to be informed about several effective methods you can use, just check it out.

Method 1: Login into Windows 7 without Password in Safe Mode

If you still can access your Windows 7 computer with built-in administrator in Safe Mode, then you can try this way. Setting Windows 7 computer to Safe mode with a command prompt will allow you to make use of built-in administrator to remove Windows 7 login password by running command prompt.

Step 1: Restart the machine you intend to get into Windows 7 without password and press F8 without releasing to enter "Advanced Boot Options".

Step 2: Among the 3 safe modes which can be seen from the screen, choose "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and press "Enter".

safe mode

Step 3: On the new command prompt window type "net user" and press "Enter". After which all the users account on the Windows 7 will be displayed. Select the login user and proceed.

Step 4: Finally, use the net user command and remove Windows 7 login user password. Once this is finished, you'll be able to login into Windows 7 without password.

Method 2: Login into Windows 7 without password Using the Hidden Admin Account

This is yet another effective method you can try to get into Windows 7 without password.
Windows 7 and earlier versions have an administrator account which is invisible. The purpose of this Hidden Admin account is to salvage you during an emergency like when you forgot your login password. Below is how it works:


Remember, this method is of help only if the said admin account is activated. By default, it is deactivated on some Windows 7 system.

Step 1: Power on the PC you want to login without password. Continuously press the shift key 5 times once the login screen comes to sight. Hidden Admin Account will appear or activated on the screen.

hidden admin account

Step 2: Get into Windows 7 without password using this hidden admin account.

Step 3: Once you have accessed the PC, right-click the "This PC" icon and select manager option from the drop-down menu. At this point, the computer management operating window is on.

Step 4: Scroll down the computer management menu and select "Local Groups and Users" tab and the "Users" under it. Then right-click on the target user account and choose "Set Password".

hidden admin account

Step 5: Once you've completed setting up the new password, log out from Hidden Admin Account and sign in again using the newly created password.

Method 3: Login into Windows 7 without password Using a Reset Disk

This third method serves those who have a reset disk on hand already. The reset disk can be used to reset or remove forgotten password allowing you to login into Windows 7 without password. Below is the step by step guide about how to use it.

Step 1: Power on the password forgotten computer and type knowingly the wrong password for the login user and click "OK" if prompted incorrect. Then open password reset wizard by clicking on "Reset password" link under password dialogue box.

reset password

Step 2: Insert the password reset disk into the PC and choose recovery disk from drop-down box and clickNext.

select drive

Step 3: You'll be prompted to reset the password for the login user. Type the new password you want to reset or simply leave all the password input fields blank. Then finalize by clicking "Next" and "Finish".

confirm windows password

At this point, you have managed to login into Windows 7 with a new password or without a password!

Method 4: Login into Windows 7 without password using Passper WinSenior

If all methods above failed, here is another option is worth trying. This is the 100% working and easiest way to login into Windows 7 without password. Passper WinSenior is a professional tool which was designed specifically to reset or remove login and admin password without knowing the current password for Windows 10/8.1/8/7. Being robust and top-notch tool of its kind, you can regain access to your locked PC without reinstalling the new Windows 7 system or losing data. It is pretty easy to follow even for tech newbies, below is the detailed steps.

To get started, please download and install Passper Winsenior on your computer.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1: Insert a blank CD/DVD/USB flash drive into an accessible computer, launch Passper WinSenior and click "Create"button to start creating a password reset disk. Once the process completed, simply eject it.

choose usb cd

Step 2: Put the created reset disk into the locked computer, then follow the on-screen instructions to enter the boot menu. When you successfully get into boot menu, you will see the interface of program.

confirm to brun disc

Step 3: Next, select "Remove Windows Password" option, then find the target users account you want to reset its password, and enter the new password you want to set.

reset password windows

Wait patiently as the program changed the selected account. It will take no time to completely remove the password successfully. You can now restart your computer and confidently get into Windows 7 without password.

Pretty easy, isn't it? Only 3 steps, you can get into the locked computer without reinstalling and reformatting operating system. Below is the video guide of Passper WinSenior, which help you better unferstand it.

Extra Tips: How to Avoid Forgetting Passwords Ever Again

Here are some tips and tricks about how to advoid forgetting your Windows password:

  • Employ the frequently used info to set the password, like your name, your birthday and other things.

  • Write down your password on notebook or your Phone. If you forget the login password, you can still find it on your notebook.

  • Create a Windows password reset diskin advance. Once you can't remember what the login password is, it could help you out.


In summary, all methods involved to get into Windows 7 without password are all feasible and secure. Picking the right method which befits what you have and capabilities is a half to success. However, for a straight forward way of solving Windows 7 password issues effortlessly, we advise you to try Passper Windows Password Reset tool.


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