6 Ways to Reset Windows 7 Password Without Disk (100% Working)

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General speaking, the easiest method to reset Windows 7 password that has been forgotten is to reset using a password reset disk. But this may be a complex method for some people. And if you are very adventurousin seeking knowledge, password reset disk is not the only way to reset your Windows 7 password. We will be looking out some of these ways in case you want to reset Windows 7 password without disk.

reset windows 7 password without disk

1. Just Guess Windows 7 Login Password

Does it not sound funny that you are trying to do some guesswork when you cannot even remember what your Windows 7 password is? The point is that you forgot your password and you are trying to reset it, but you would be surprised that guessing can help to joggle your memory to remember. The most complicated passwords have a story or inspiration behind them, and if you settle down, you just might be able to remember. Try out some of the following clues to recover your Windows 7 password without disk.

  • Your name or that of a loved one or pet.

  • Your date of birth or that of a loved one.

  • Your home address or office address.

  • Favorite Superhero.

  • Favorite movie.

  • Favorite numbers etc.

guess windows 7 password

2. Reset Windows 7 Password Without Disk Using Passper WinSenior

If you tried to guess, but you could not come up with your Windows 7 password, and you are not with a password reset disk either, there is another way to reset Windows 7 password without disk. With this method, you will not lose your data or have to reinstall Windows system. This method involves using a third-party tool to reset Windows 7 password. This third-party tool is called PassperWinSenior Windows Password Recovery tool. You will need a second computer that you can access to by using this tool. Below are the steps to use this tool;

Step 1. Download and install Passper WinSenior on a computer that you can access.

Step 2. Create a bootable reset disk on a CD/DVD or USB drive. You can do this by inserting the USB drive or disk into the computer that you can access after installing Passper WinSenior on it. Select the disk or drive on the program’s interface and click on "Burn". Wait for some time for the disk to be burned.

choose usb cd

Step 3. Insert the USB flash drive into the locked computer and boot it from USB or CD/DVD.

confirm to burn disc

Step 4. You will be able to remove the old password that you have forgotten or create an entirely new Windows 7 account.

Step 5. Click on "Reset Password" to remove the forgotten password or click on "Add User" to create a new user account.

Step 6. Click on "Reboot" to exit the removal drive and gain access to your locked computer without entering a password.

3. Reset Windows 7 Password Using Command Prompt

This way may be a little bit challenging, but it could work and help you reset Windows 7 password without disk. After using this method, you will lose your encrypted files, email messages, and some other things. Therefore, it is better to use a much easier method – Passper WinSenior. If you, however, want to know about this method just for the sake of knowledge, follow these steps:

Step 1. Insert your Windows 7 installation DVD or Repair disk into your computer’s optical drive. Reboot your computer from DVD or CD.

Step 2. When your computer boots successfully, click on "Next". On the Install Windows Screen, click on "Repair your computer".

repair your computer

Step 3. Choose the operating system you want to repair. Take Note of the drive letter that is used to name the operating system location.

Step 4. Click on "Command prompt". Type in the following c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ and press Enter.

command prompt

Step 5. Followed by copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe and press Enter.

command prompt windows 7

Step 6. Quit the Command prompt and reboot your computer. On the login screen, press the "Shift" key for five times, and the Command prompt will come.

Step 7. Type in net user username password. You should know that "username" above should be replaced with your new username and the password should be replaced with your new password.

switch user name

Step 8. Exit Command prompt, and you will be able to log in with your new password.

4. Access Windows 7 with Admin Account

If you have another account on your computer with admin privileges, you can use this to change the password of the other users through the control panel.

Step 1. Click on "Start" and navigate to "Control panel".

control panel

Step 2. Select "User Account" and then tap on "Family Safety" then "User Accounts".

Step 3. Click on "Add or Remove User Account", and you will see all the accounts you have enabled on your Windows 7.

add or remove user accounts

Step 4. Select the account you would like to change its password. Click on "Change password" or "Remove password".

change or remove account

5. Reset Windows 7 Password Without Disk or USB

To use hascat to reset Windows 7 password without disk, it requires some command line work. This will only work on a computer that you have admin access on another user account. Let us check out how this works.

Step 1. Access a terminal window and type in the code below.

cd and press "Enter".
mkdir hash and press "Enter."
cd hash and press "Enter."
7z e hashcat-2.00.7z./hashcat-cli32.bin -V and press "Enter."

Step 2. Execute the following command.

cd ./hash/hashcat-cli32.bin -m 1000 -a 0 -o winpass1.txt --remove win1.hash rock.dic and press "Enter."

Step 3.Type the word, "Yes" and press "Enter".

Step 4. Execute this command too; cat winpass1.txt

Step 5. After this, you will see the hash and the cracked password at the end. Change the user to the one that is locked and unlock the account with the password displayed at the end of the hash.

6. Reinstall Windows System

As mentioned earlier, you have to create a password reset disk beforehand to use most of the methods above. If you do not have a pre-created reset disk, the only other option you have is to reinstall Windows 7. This installation will cost you a lot including all the data that you have on your computer as well.

reinstall windows 7 system


The most effective and worthy choice to reset Windows 7 password without disk is using Passper WinSenior Windows Password Recovery Tool. You can get the free or the paid version to get started, and you will never have to stress on password-related issues anymore.


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