[5 Ways] How to Reset Password on HP Laptop Without Disk

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"I can't log on to my HP laptop and I don't have password reset disk either. How can I reset password  on hp laptop without reset disk?"

If you own a HP laptop computer, it will be frustrating to lose or forget the password. To reset the password on HP laptop, usually the first solution that people know about is to reset the password with an installation disk or reinstall Windows system. However, you can also reset password on HP laptop without disk. Check out the procedures and different steps below.

reset hp password

1. The Easiest Method to Reset Password on HP Laptop without Disk

When you forgot the password on HP laptop, reinstalling Windows entirely is not the best solution. Passper WinSenior is the perfect solution to help you reset your computer passwords without even a disc. It does not take much time to finish the reset process and you also get flexible options to choose whether you want to reset or remove the password on your HP laptop.

Competitive Features of Passper WinSenior – Windows Password Reset Tool

  • It has 100% success rate to reset your HP laptop password without disk.

  • Reset password for HP laptop admin account and guest login without reinstalling Windows or losing data.

  • You can create bootable reset disk in one click with two options: USB Flash drive or CD/DVD.

  • It supports all versions of Windows OS from Windows XP to Windows 10.

  • It is compatible with a lot of HP Computer models which includes HP Pavilion, HP Spectre, HP Envy, HP Workstation, etc.

Free Downloadfor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Check below to find out the step-by-procedures on how to reset password on HP laptop without Disk using Passper WinSenior.

Step 1. Download Passper WinSenior on an Accessible Computer

Since you cannot access your HP laptop, you will need to download Passper WinSenior to another computer on which you will create a password reset disk using USB or CD. The program comes with a built-installation guide so you will find it very easy to install. Run the desktop shortcut as administrator and the main interface will load.

choose usb or cd

Step 2. Burn a Bootable Password USB Flash Drive

Insert the USB flash drive into the other accessible computer and click on "Create" to burn the ISO images to the USB which may take some minutes.

confirm to brun disc

Step 3. Insert USB Drive to Locked HP Laptop

Insert the USB flash drive into the locked HP laptop, then boot your computer into BIOS settings. You can do that by following the instructions on the interface.

confirm to brun disc

Step 4. Select the Target Admin Account

The Windows password reset tool will begin to work automatically. After the computer boots, choose the Windows system of your HP laptop.

confirm to brun disc

On the main window, click on "Reset Windows Password" and then click on "Next".

choose a task

Select the target account and then click on "Next". Enter the password you would like to use and then click on "Reset".

choose an user
reset password windows

The program will reset the password and notify you when the process is complete. Click on "Reboot Computer" before removing the bootable disk and then click on "Reboot Now". You can then use the new password to unlock the computer when it restarts.

successfully reset password

2. Other Common Methods to Reset Password on HP Laptop without Disk

2.1. Reset HP Laptop Password with Admin Account

You can change the password on a user or guest account on your HP laptop that has more than one account as long as another account has administrator privileges.

Step 1. From the start menu, navigate to "Control Panel". Go to "User Accounts" and "User Accounts" and select "Manage another account".

manage another account

Step 2. You will see all the user accounts on the screen. Select the one you want to change its password.

Step 3. Click on "Change the password" and you will be able to type in another password. Type the new password again and click on "Change password" to save.

change the password

2.2. Reset Password on HP Laptop with HP Recovery Manager

You can also use HP Recovery Manager to reset the password on your HP laptop without using a disk.

Step 1. Switch on your HP computer and press F11 repeatedly until the "Recovery Manager" window pops up.

Step 2. Click on "I need help immediately" and the "System Recovery".

system recovery

Step 3. Make sure that you have a backup of your files and then click on "Recover without backing up your files".

recover without backing up your files

Step 4. Click on "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process.

Step 5. Once the process is complete, your HP laptop will be set up as a new laptop.

2.3. Reinstall HP Laptop System

The process of reinstalling windows is quite simple but it restores the computer to factory settings. This means that none of your personal applications will remain on the computer. The settings will be affected but you will be able to reset password on HP computer without disk.

Step 1. Download the media creation tool from the Microsoft software download website for the right Windows version.

Step 2. Inside the software, select "Create installation media for another PC". You need to choose the correct edition for your computer's architecture. Follow the on-screen instructions by clicking on "Next" until you get to the last window where you will be able to click on "Finish".

create installation media for another pc

Step 3. Insert the disk into the locked HP laptop and boot the laptop from the installation disk. While booting, press F2 to access the boot menu. You will then be able to specify your preferred parameters. Click on "Next" and then "Repair Your Computer" on the next window. Select "Troubleshoot" from the list of options and then "Reset this PC". You will then be able to reinstall Windows.

reset this pc


All the solutions introduced above offer you the answer to 'how to reset password on hp laptop without disk' if you forgot the original password. You can get into your HP laptop even without a disk and reset the password as long as you have the current password. The last method below will give all the detailed steps.

2.4. Reset HP Laptop Password If You Know the Password

If the user account you use to enter your HP laptop is a Microsoft account, you will have to visit the official site of Microsoft where you can reset the password. After setting a new Microsoft account password, you will be able to use the password to unlock your HP laptop.

If you use a local account to unlock your HP laptop, on the login page, click on "Reset Password". The "Password Reset Wizard" will open and you can follow the instructions to set a new password for your local account. After setting the new password, you will be able to unlock your HP laptop.

password reset wizard

For normal operations, you can also reset your HP Windows password from the Command Prompt. Do this by pressing "Windows + R" then open "Run" box. To run command prompt input "cmd" and enter "net user." Press "Enter" to confirm.

command net user


When it comes to how to reset password on HP laptop without disk, there are many approaches to it and any of the methods highlighted above can get this done in no time and effectively too.


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