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If you want to remove the password for your password protected RAR file, there are a lot of tools available that can help you do it if you can't remember the password or don't have it. Many of these tools can be used without having to download anything. Here, we picked 2 widely used online tools for removing the RAR password.

Part 1: How to Remove RAR Password Online

1. LostMyPass Online Tool

LostMyPass is an online tool that lets you crack the RAR password without having to download any software. To use this online tool follow these steps:

Step 1: Browse the internet to the official LostMyPass page. Then check the checkbox and accept the terms of use.

drag files

Step 2: You will see a box where you are supposed to either upload or drag and drop the RAR file here. Simply follow the instructions to import your file into the system.

Step 3: Once your file has been imported to the tool, the password cracking process will start immediately. This may take some time depending on how complex the password for the file was. Once the password has been cracked it will be displayed on the screen. You can now jot it somewhere and then use it to open the RAR file.


This is another popular site you can use to get rid of the password of your RAR file online. To use this method follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official site of this online tool at

Step 2: Find the "Upload your encrypted file" button and click on it to upload your RAR file. It is important to note that the maximum size of the file you can upload is 500 MB.

drag files

Step 3: Once your selected RAR has been uploaded to the tool select "Change over file" to start the process of removing the password.

Step 4: Wait for a while until the process is done, a download button will appear. Click on this button to download your file. You can now extract documents from the downloaded RAR file without the need of a password.

Part 2: Risk of Removing RAR Password Online

Removing your RAR file online is a pretty straight forward process that is easy to perform and does not require downloading and installing a space-consuming tool on your computer. However, it is important that removing RAR passwords online has many risks. Some of the major risks involved include:

  • Data Leakage: The biggest problem of removing RAR file password online is data leakage. When you upload your files online to crack the password, the online tool is likely to retain your files by requiring you uploading your files to their server. Therefore if you have files with sensitive data it advisable not to use online tools even when you can't access the files.

  • Date loss: Many online tools use brute force to remove RAR passwords. This can result in damage to your files and hence the loss of your important data. In some cases the files may be corrupted resulted in the loss of your important data.

  • Limited file size: Quite a number of online tools have a limit on the size of files you can upload. This means that if you have large files then most online tools may not be of much help to you.

  • They come at a cost: Quite often the free version of online tools have a very low success rate some as low as 22%. They are made this way to entice you to pay for expensive advanced versions. It is therefore important to consider this before making the final do use an online tool.

Part 3: The Safest Way to Remove RAR Password

The safest way to remove RAR password is to use a powerful third-party tool that guarantees both the privacy and safety of your data. One such tool is the Passper for RAR. This is a powerful tool that removes protection passwords or unlocks encrypted RAR archives regardless of how complex the password and even when you have no idea what the password is. There are more amazing features you must learn:

Unique Features of Passper for RAR:

  • One of its most important advantages is that everything is done right on your computer guaranteeing that your data will neither be lost nor leaked to a third party.

  • It is fast checking of 10,000 passwords in a second.

  • It uses 4 powerful attack modes which makes it quite effective with a success rate of 100%.

  • Certain ZIP and ARJ archives can be unlocked and decrypted in just minutes if you provide some info about the password.

  • Passper for RAR supports a wide range of compression and encryption algorithms, all versions of popular archivers and multiple archive formats.

To use this tool follow these steps:

First of all, on your browser, head over to the official page of Passper for RAR, download the tool, install and launch it on your computer.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Step 1: Click on the "Add" button to import the RAR file you want to crack into the tool. Once the importation is done, select the right attack method to use on your file then click "Recover" to start the process.


Step 2: Wait for the process of recovering your password to be completed before you take the next action. This may take a while depending on how complex the password used to protect your RAR file is. Once your password has been cracked it will be displayed on the screen. You can now copy the password and use it to access the documents in the RAR file.


Step 3: Now click to save the file. When you try to open the file, it should not ask you for the password.

Here is the video guide of Passper for RAR. With it, you could clearly learn how to use it

Part 4: Other Ways to Remove RAR Password

There are other 2 ways is possible to remove password for RAR file, but the success rate is pretty low. If you have no more options, you can give them a free try.

1. Using CMD Command

Apart from the 2 methods we introduced above, another method you can try is to use the CMD Command. It is important to remember that this method only works for simple numerical passwords and may not work if you have a complex password. To use this method follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the notepad on your computer

Step 2: In the notepad screen paste this code and save the notepad file with the ".bat" extension

open notepad

Step 3: Open the just saved file by double-clicking on it. This will display the CMD screen.

Step 4: Fill in the name of the file you want to crack plus the extension and then hit "Enter".

save batch script

Then fill in the location of the RAR file and press enter. This should start the process of cracking the password. Wait until you see the password then copy it and use it to open your RAR file.

2. Using Notepad

Many people also use the notepad to crack the WinRAR file password. It is important to note that this method is not always effective. To use this method follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the RAR file you want to crack in Notepad.

open with

Step 2: Press "Ctrl + F" simultaneously and then replace the following keywords.

Replace Ûtà with 53tà

Replace 'IžC0 with IžC? 0



This article has outlined 2 online tools you can use to remove the password online as well as some other ways to safely get rid of the RAR password. This should help you relax as you have solutions at the tip of your fingers.


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