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PDF files are an easy way to share an  important document without worrying about the format being tampered with during  the process. In addition, the format allows you to password protect PDF files  so that no one else can access the files without getting the password from  you.  When you encrypt PDF files you can  send them via email and  other won't be able to read the information on  them without the password. In this article, we collect some tips and tricks to help you password  protect PDF files as well as provide solutions to fix unable to encrypt files,  just check them out.

Method 1: Password Protect PDF with Adobe Acrobat

To encrypt your PDF files with a  password is quite easy. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps and you  will be done. Here are the steps to follow: 

Step  1: Install and launch the program

Go get  download and install the Adobe Pro DC program. Once the  installation is complete launch the program. Remember, to install the DC pro  version you need to have the Adobe Reader already installed on your  computer. 


Step  3:  Select the file to protect

Sign into the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC by  following the link in the upper corner on the right hand. Then navigate the  interface and click on the "file" tab in the top left corner, then  click on the "open" button. From here select the PDF file you want to  encrypt with a password and click the "open" button.

Step  4: Insert the Protection password

In the open PDF, file window finds the  "File" tab and click on it. Go down the drop-down menu and click the  "properties" tab and then select the "security" tab.  Now click to open the "security  Method" menu and then click on the "password security" tab on  the menu.


A window will appear where you will have  to enter your selected password and complete the process by clicking on OK button.  Now your PDF document is password protected.


Method 2: Encrypt PDF with Microsoft Word

You can also protect your PDF files with  a password using Microsoft word.  This is  a really simple trick that most people overlook because they often use Adobe  Reader to open their PDF. To use this trick, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open  a new Microsoft Word document on your computer and then in the bottom left side  corner click "Open other Documents"

Step 2: Click  "Open" and then to "Browse" and then locate the PDF file  you want to protect using a password and select open.


Step 3: A  prompt message will pop up asking you if you want Microsoft Word to convert the  PDF file to an editable form. Select OK.


Step 4: Now  open the "file" and select "save as" then the  "browse" menu. From the "save as" menu select PDF. Name the  new file and then select options.

select pdf format

Step 5: Now  choose the "encrypt the document with a password" box on the prompt  message and then click "OK".

encrypt with password

Step 6: Now  enter and confirm  the password of your choice as direct and then click "ok" the save  the protection.

 enter the password

Step 7: Choose  the folder in which to save your new file and then select save.  Your PDF file is now protected with a  password.

Extra Tips:What If forgot the Password, How to Unlock?

Using passwords to protect your  documents is interesting as it gives you peace of mind knowing that your  important documents are protected from being accessed by malicious people.  However, in the event that you forgot your password or you are not available  and someone needs to access those files for emergency purposes then the use of  passwords can be quite frustrating. However, this should not worry you so much  as there are a number of great third-party programs you can use to either  retrieve your password or unlock a password protected PDF files. One of the  best of these programs is the Passper  for PDF application. This application is a  powerful tool that will retrieve your password for you on any PDF file and if  need be can remove all restrictions on any PDF file.

To use this tool all you need to do is  follow these simple steps:

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1: Download,  install and launch the Passper for PDF application on your personal computer  with the document you want to unlock.

Step 2: Select  the task to be done. Here the tasks can be "Recover Password" or "Remove Restrictions" on a  PDF file.

homepage of Passper for PDF

Step 3: "Add"  the PDF file that you want to unlock or remove restrictions to the program

choose a file and a recovery method

Step 4: Choose  the method of attack to use when unlocking the PDF file of choice (you have  three options: Dictionary Attack, Brute Force with Mask Attack and Brute Force)

Step 5: Select  "recover" to start the process of unlocking your PDF file. This  should take you a few minutes if not seconds. After that, your forgotten password will be recovered successfully.

recover PDF password


The best way to protect your private  documents from malicious people is to protect then using a password. PDF  password encryption works perfectly in ensuring that unauthorized individuals  have no access to your files.  You can  encrypt your PDF files using two main methods: the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC program  and the Microsoft Word program. Both of these methods are quite easy to follow  and very effective. In case you forgot your password then you will need to use  the Passper for PDF application to remove  the password. The process is easy and fast.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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