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It is very common to have an encrypted Excel document that you can't access because you don't have the password. Maybe you lost the password or you forgot the password you set on the document. One of the best solutions for this problem is an Excel password remover tool and there are very many different types of remover tools, some are apps that you have to download and others that are accessible online. In this article, we share with you the risks of removing Excel password online as well as 4 common Excel password remover online tools to help you decide which one is best for your particular situation.

Part 1. Risks of Using Excel Password Remover Online

You may be involved in significant risks when  using Excel password remover online tools. We are here advicing you to get a  good look at all the risks and decide whether you still insist upon online  tools.

Theft of Data: When using an Excel password remover online tool,  the confidential data saved on the Excel document will be transferred onto the  site, which may result in data leakage.

Internet Dependency: You may get into trouble when the internet is  poor as everything performed online is interned based. If the internet is not  that good, the Excel password removing process may be interrupted.

Data Loss: You are very likely to lose all or partial data after uploading the Excel file to the online software.,

Limitation: Most Excel password remover online tools only support to remove Excel opening passwords while being unavailable to  remove edit restrictions.

If you still consider to use an online tool to remove Excel password, then try the 4 common-used Excel password remover online tools in Part 2. Nevertheless, if you need to recover not only opening password but also the edit restrictions, then another reliable and professional Excel Password Remover offline software in Part 3 can be used.

Part 2. Top 4 Excel Password Remover Online Tools

The following are the best online tools to help you remove an Excel password;

1. LostMyPass

LostMyPass is one of the many online tools that you can use to remove your MS Excel password. The tool can be useful to you if you have a clue of what the password could be and also when you have no idea what the password could be.

To recover this password, the online tool will scan a database of more than 2 million frequently used passwords until the right one is found. To recover a much "stronger" password, you would need to pay $29 to access the premium version of the program which scans more than 20 billion passwords to try and recover your password.



  • The "weak" password can be done for  free and the password can be recovered in just a few minutes.

  • It is free to scan a database of more than 3  million frequently used passwords.


  • It doesn't allow users to remove "Password to Modify" from Excel document.

  • The success rate to remove strong password is only 61%.

  • The uploaded size should not exceed 100MB.  

2. Password-Online

Password-online is another easily accessible online tool that you can use to remove Excel password.

To use it, all you have to do is to upload the Excel document in question and the online tool goes to work trying to recover the password you need.

Password-Online is compatible with all versions of Excel even earlier versions like Office 97. There is no indication of how long the process of recovery will take.


  • Works for Excel 97, 2000 and 2003.

  • Free to Use.


  • It cannot remove edit restrictions from Excel workbook.

  • It doesn't work for the latest version of Excel, including Excel 2010/2013/2016/2019.  

  • The uploaded size should not exceed 100MB.  

  • You may wait for 15 minutes to finish the verification before the removing process since the verification email always fail to be delivered on time.

3. Straxx Excel Password Remover

Another really great tool to use when you want to remove Excel passwords is Straxx Excel Password Remover. Straxx is designed to make the whole process very easy.

While most online tools don't tackle the issue of removing editing protections from a workbook or worksheet, Straxx Excel Password Remover does. It promises to not only get rid of the opening password but also remove any restrictions from the document.

It is also completely free to use although the free version is meant for personal use only.


  • The original data will not be damaged.

  • Supports to remove "password to open" and "password  to modify".


  • It has too many versions that are very hard for  users to distinguish.

  • You have to pay $28 if you are a Mac user or need to remove password from Excel 2013/2016/2019.

4. Remove-Password

Remove-Password is another great and easy-to-use Excel Password Remover Online tool to help you remove password from Excel document.

To use the program, upload the document on to the online server and agree to the terms and conditions before the program can begin decrypting the file. If the decryption is successful and the document has been unlocked, you will need to pay $10 to see and download the document. If the process was not successful, you don't need to pay anything.


  • No need to install additional 3rd-party software on your computer.

  • Simple to use.


  • It doesn't work to remove "password to modify".

  • The newest version of Excel 2013/2016/2019 is not supported.

Part 3. How to Remove Password from Excel Document Offline

Online tools offer a great way to easily remove Excel password, but most of them don't offer you a way to remove worksheets/workbook restrictions. For better results, you need a tool that will comprehensively deal with the document recovery process and easily recover the password for you or remove any restrictions on the Excel document.

One of the best tools to help you do that is Passper Excel Password Remover, a tool that offers you much more in terms of features. These features include the following:

  • Easily lift edit restriction with 100% success rate and enable you to edit the document.

  • Remove opening passwords of any length and any complexity quickly and effectively with 4 different attack modes.

  • This program is 100% secure to use. It has been highly recommended by a great many famous media sites, such as Macworld, PC World, TechRadar, Make Use Of, iPhone Life, etc, etc.

Passper for Excel is also very easy to use as the following demonstration shows. Here's how to use this application to remove a password from a document;

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Step 1: Install Passper for Excel to your computer and then launch the program. On the main window, select the "Recover Passwords" option to continue.

recover password

Step 2: Now click on "Add" to import the password-protected Excel document into the program from the files on your computer.

add excel file

The next step is to select the attack mode you want to use. Each attack mode is meant for different purposes and each will take a certain amount of time.

Step 3: With the appropriate attack mode selected, the software will use this attack mode to begin recovering the password. Once it is found, it will be displayed on the screen and you can then use the password to unlock the document.

recover excel password

Here's how to use Passper for Excel to lift restrictions on a document;

If you can open and read the Excel document but you cannot edit or print the Excel spreadsheets or workbook, then use Passper for Excel to remove the restrictions in one click.

Step 1: Open Passper for Excel on your computer and then choose the "Remove Restrictions" option to begin.

remove restrictions step1

Step 2: Click on "Add" to import the restricted file into the program.

add locked excel sheet

Step 3: Now simply click on "Remove" to remove the restriction from the document.

remove restrictions

Passper for Excel has another very important advantage over any online tool; since you don't control the server you upload the document to when you use an online tool, you are never assured of the safety of the document. Therefore, online Excel Password Remover Online tools are not ideal for documents of a sensitive nature whose contents should not be online.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP


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