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3 Methods to Make a ZIP File

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In case you are in need to share larger  files, the Zip file format is one of the most useful file formats. They help you  compress the files by reducing the file sizes. The Zip format also lets  you encrypt the file so that your privacy and confidentiality of the data is  protected. But, how to make a zip file? Let us check out the  options available.

Part 1: 3 Methods to Create a Zip File

Essentially, you can create a Zip file  using a host of options. For the sake of this tutorial, we will focus on three  major options to create a Zip file. Please note that the exact method to make a ZIP file would be  dependent upon the ZIP tool you have opted for.

Method 1: Create Zip File on Windows

The simplest option to create a Zip file  is to shift all the files that you want to add to the archive into one single  folder. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Create a new folder and add all the files you  want to add to the archive, and rename the folder to whatever you want to name  the archive as.

create zip folder

Step2: Right click on the folder and hover the  pointer over Send To. Then click on the option Compressed (zipped) folder option.

compress zipped file

Step 3: Wait patiently till the folder is created. It  can take time if you are adding a large number of files. You will be shown the  progress indicator.

That does it. You have successfully created  a ZIP file. Do note that instead of selecting an entire folder, you can even  choose multiple files manually and follow the same procedure.

Method 2: Create Zip File on Mac

Once again, you need to create a folder  with the files you plan to add to the archive. Make sure that all the files are  in the same folder.

Step 1: Create a new folder with the constituent  files. You can even add folders inside a folder.

Step 2: Rename the folder to anything you want it to. Then right click on the folder and then click on Compress option.

compress mac

That  does it. Your entire folder will be converted into a ZIP file. The ZIP file  will be located in the same folder where the original files are placed. As in  the case of Windows, you can select multiple files manually and follow the same  process. The archived file will be named as archive.zip. You a later rename if you want to.

Method 3: Create Zip  File Using Zip Utility

This method will be dependent upon the  exact ZIP utility you have opted for. The steps indicated here may vary  depending upon the ZIP utility you may have opted for.

Step 1: Download and install any of your favourite ZIP  utility. For the sake of this tutorial, we will use WinRAR.

Step 2: Launch your WinRAR program and choose your  files from the folder. You may navigate to your chosen folder from within the  application.

Step 3: Once your files are chosen, click on Add.

add zip

Step 4:  Choose  the appropriate settings including the file name and other specific details.

Click on OK after configuring your  preferences. Wait patiently till your ZIP archive is created.

Part 2: How  to Password Protect a Zip File?

Password protecting your ZIP files is one  of the best options to safeguard the misuse of your ZIP files. You can  communicate the password to the intended recipient through other messaging  platforms. You may also use a password that only the recipient is aware apart  from you, as his date of birth or other details.

Here is how you can password protect a ZIP  archive. Once again, we will use the 7-ZIP utility and to address this  concern.

Step 1: Launch 7 ZIP and create a ZIP file as  explained in the previous steps.

forgot windows 10 password

Step 2: While you make the configurations to your  intended ZIP archive, you will find the option for setting up a password. Click  on it.

Step 3: Enter your password and confirm it. Click on  OK, and your password will be configured.

enter password

Part 3: How  to Unlock A Encrypted Zip  File?

What if you have forgotten your  password?  Maybe you do not have access  to the password for any particular reason. In that case, Passper for ZIP can be  a great option to recover your archive by recovering the password.

Here are the steps involved

Download, install and launch Password for ZIP.  Let it download the dictionaries.

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Step 1: Import the ZIP archive files by clicking on  Add option. The software will read the application and enlist the information that  can be found about it.

import zip file

Step 2: Choose the Attack option you want to use.  PassFab for ZIP provides you with 4 different attack types – Combination Attack, Dictionary Attack, Brute Force with Mask  Attack and Brute Force  attack. The choice will depend upon the complexity of the password.

select attack mode

Step 3: Click on NEXT once the settings and attack  types have been done. The tool will begin looking for the password. It may take  time depending upon the attack type you have chosen and the complexity the  password you are trying to recover.

recover password


If you are looking for options on how to make a ZIP file on different platforms, we assume the tips  and tricks as in the above discussion should have ideally helped you in  creating your files. The ease of configuring a password to your ZIP archives  should also be an excellent option to safeguarding your data and the privacy  thereof.

Check out the options above and share your  thoughts with us.

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