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How to Get Passper for RAR Full Version

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Passper for RAR is a tool designed with 4 attack modes to obtain lost or forgotten passwords to an archived file. If you forgot the password to access your RAR file, the full version of Passper for RAR is the best solution for you.

Today, in this article, we would like to help you with answers to some basic questions about Passper for RAR which might be bothering you now.

Part 1: Can You Get A Free Passper For RAR Full Version?

The answer to the question above is NO. The full version of Passper for RAR is not free to use.

Passper for RAR is a paid program which offers flexible subscription plans to its users. Once payment is confirmed for the software, the features of the full version are made available. The different subscription plans that give end-users license to access all features attributed to full version include:

1-Month Plan: This premium version of Passper for RAR offers unlimited RAR archives password within a period of one month. It can be used only on one computer system.

1-Year Plan: This Passper for RAR plan can be used within a year starting from when it was been purchased. Within the period of validity, it can recover passwords for unlimited numbers of RAR archives.

Lifetime Plan: This plan has lifetime validity. It can be used as many times as possible without a stipulated time for validity to end.

As we mentioned before, the full version of Passper for RAR is not free to use. However, Passper for RAR provides you with a free download version. You can evaluate the program before you decide to purchse it.

Free Download Buy Now

Part 2: Should You Use Cracked Passper For RAR?

Well before I give you the answer to this question, I would like you to know what a cracked Passper for RAR is. Cracked Passper for RAR is pirated software which is obtained illegally.

Now that you know what a cracked Passper for RAR is, then the question above shouldn't be a problem as the answer to it is NO. There are various reasons why this version of Passper for RAR should not be used and they include:

  • Limited Features: Not all the features granted on the full version of Passper for RAR software are available for you.

  • Data Security: Your archived or stored data can be lost or even altered when you use a cracked Passper for RAR. What's more, you may import virus to your presonal computer when download Passper for RAR crack version.

  • Illegality: It's illegal to use pirated software as the cracked version itself violates the copyright infringement laws.

  • Absence of Technical Support: The technical support team is not available to answer your request or queries about the Passper for RAR software since the software is not obtained from an official website.

  • Absence of Update: Once the software is due for an update, there is no way you get notified about it since it's not licensed by the manufacturer.

From the information provided regarding if you should use a cracked Passper for RAR or not, it is obviously that you should purchse official Passper for RAR full version.

Part 3: Why Do You Need To Buy Passper For RAR From Official Website?

Passper for RAR must be purchased via the official website. The reasons for this would be discussed below.

Unlimited Features: Since the website which you purchase the software from is an official website, you can be rest assured unlimited features because you are offered a full version of the software. In additional, you can recover password for unlimited RAR archives within the validity.

Free Lifetime Update: Passper for RAR has been programmed to request for an update once needed and as a licensed user, who purchased the software, you can enact this process an unlimited number of times and it's absolutely free.

Professional Technical Support: The technical support team is readily available to respond to any query you have and also to guide you on anything needed.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: After purchasing the full version of Passper for RAR, you are protected with the refund policy. If you observed that the program cannot help you solve the problem, you can request for a refund within 30 days from the purchase day.

passper for rar main interface

Part 4: Get Passper for RAR Full Version with Big Discount

Since the only way to access the whole features of Passper for RAR is by purchasing the full version whose amount might be huge for some people. We are here to offer you a discount on any Passper for RAR license plan you purchase. This discount will be effective once you use our coupon code. The coupon code we are giving out is:

25% off Coupon Code: PP-25OFF

Steps to Purchase Passper for RAR

The steps taken to purchase Passper for RAR include are listed below:

Step 1: Choose the purchase plan and click the purchase link under below:

passper for rar plan

Step 2: The order page will automatically provide you with a discounted price. Next, fill in the details of the payment and billing option to complete the purchase.

coupon affect

Step 3: If the coupon code doesn't come to effect, you can enter the coupon code manually. Click on "I have a discount coupon" then enter the coupon code 'PP-25OFF' displayed above. Click 'Apply' to take effect.

enter coupon code

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