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RAR, as you may have been aware of, is one of the best options for saving your files in batch and saving space. In fact, it has also been considered to be an excellent option for safeguarding your data by providing a password. Password Genius is an excellent option accessing your RAR password if you have lost the password for any reason. How does it work and what alternatives does it come with? We will check out in today's post.

Part 1: What is RAR Password Genius?

RAR Password Genius is one of the best options for accessing the RAR passwords and recover it in case you have forgotten or misplaced it.

What makes it a great choice is it helps you recover the passwords that may be lost or forgotten. It can recover the passwords for the archives created by the WinRAR, RAR or any other archiving software. You just need to import the file into the software, and it will crack the password almost instantly. But a lot of users reported they gave encountered crash using this software to crack password and want to look for an alternative to replace it? Based on my own situation, Passper for RAR is an excellent option for the best experience in password retrieval as an alternative to RAR Password Genius.

rar password genius

Part 2: Passper for RAR--Best Alternative to RAR Password Genius

Passper for RAR is a top-rated RAR password unlocking tool aiming at cracking any RAR file in seconds. It supports a wide range of archiving software options. The tool is well known for the higher speed, and optimized performance, and multi-core functionalities. In fact, if your password consists of three or fewer characters, it can easily be recovered with the help of the free variant of the software.

You can either use the free or Pro versions for an enhanced performance, depending upon the exact difficulty of the password. It can be a good alternative to WinRAR Password Genius.

Some of the features offered by the tool include

  • Easy to use with no need for any expert computer literacy.

  • High speed and accurate password recovery functionality

  • Optimization for the multiprocessor systems and multi-core CPU.

You can be assured of the prompt and reliable technical support

Passper for RAR is indeed one of the best options and an easy one at that for your needs in RAR password unlock. In addition to being the simple alternative, it also doubles up as the accurate and quickest option if you are finding solutions on how to unlock archive password.

How to use Passper for RAR?

Here are the steps involved to crack RAR archive password with Passper for RAR:

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1 Download and install Passper for RAR from the official source. Then launch the program and enter the RAR file for which you have forgotten the password.

Step 2 You can use the import option for the requisite file by adding it to the tool.


Step 3 In the next step, choose the recovery type you want to go with. Passper for RA provides you access to three modes of recovery.

Step 4 Once you have configured the parameters and chosen your mode of recovery option, click on START. Passper will begin searching for your password and once done, present you the password found through a pop-up.

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Part 3: Other RAR Password Unlocker You Can Have a Try

While the Passper for RAR is a great option for all your needs in recovering your password, there are several other options you can give a thought to. Let us check out a few good RAR password retrieval options.

1. RAR Password Unlocker

RAR Password Unlocker is specifically designed for lost passwords and works as an excellent WinRAR password cracker. The program makes use of all the popular retrieval options like brute-force, brute-force with user-defined mask and dictionary. It does support all RAR file formats no matter which software you use.

rar password unlocker


  • It comes with an easy to use interface

  • Retrieving the password does not need you to have any computer expertise.


  • The application suffers multiple crashes.

  • The free option can recover files with a three or less lettered password.

2. RAR Password Recovery Professional

This is one of the best tools for a professional level of password recovery. RAR Password Recovery Professional is an excellent option for an optimized performance for multi-core CPUs and NVIDIA-GPU. The software comes with specific tabs for each of the recovery options.

 password rar password recovery profesional


  • The interface is extremely easy to follow and understand.

  • The progress status of the recovery process in constantly updated through the progress bar.


  • The password recovery is limited to three category passwords if you are into the free plan.

3. RAR Password Recovery Magic

RAR Password Recovery Magic is yet another professional tool used for recovering the passwords for RAR archives. The main interface lets you add the encrypted archives to your software. The software makes use of the brute force and dictionary attack recovery options to recover the passwords.

top password rar password recovery


  • The interface is quite easy and simple to follow. You do not need to go through any learning curve.

  • It offers you a quicker and faster password retrieval in comparison to other tools.


  • The free trial option can be used only for ten of your files.


That was what we have with the best RAR password retrieval options you can make use of. In fact, we found the Passper for RAR as one of the excellent options you can opt for. However, you can check out the options and arrive at the best option that suits your exact needs.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


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