How to Unprotect Excel 2013 Workbook without Password

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While it is not uncommon to protect an Excel Workbook from unauthorized users, it is quite easy to lose or forget the password. Even more common is the fact that most people are unaware of how to unprotect the workbook. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the ways to unprotect Excel 2013 workbook whether you have the password or not.

1. Using VBA Code

The VBA code method of password recovery is one of the most popular choice because it is free and can be effective under the right circumstances. Here's how to use the VBA code to unprotect Excel 2013 Workbook;

Step1: Open a new Excel 2013 workbook and then press "ALT + F11" to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.

Step2: In this window, click "Insert > Module".

insert module

Step 3: Enter the VBA code in the General Window and press F5 to run the code.

Step 4: A small popup will appear with the password. Click "OK" and the Excel workbook will be unprotected.


Please note that this method may not work on earlier versions of Excel, it is only useful in older versions. The VBA code can be found online.

2. If VBA Code Doesn't Work

So what if VBA code doesn't work for you and you still don't know the password used to protect the Excel 2013 workbook? Well in this case, the only way to unprotect Excel 2013 workbook is to use a password recovery program that is specifically designed for Excel workbooks. In this case the best tool for this task is Passper for Excel. Passper allows you to not just recover the opening password, but also easily remove any modification restrictions placed on the document.

Some of the program's features include the following;

  • It can recover all kinds of Excel passwords without affecting the data on the document in any way.

  • It has a very high success rate because it utilizes four different attack modes to aid in password recovery as well as the most advanced technology to ensure recovery is as fast as possible.

  • It can also be used to lift all editing restriction on an Excel document in a single click (less than 3 seconds), allowing you to edit, print or share the workbook.

  • It has a simple to use interface, making it the ideal solution for all users, even beginners.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

How to Unprotect the Opening Password Using Passer for Excel

Step 1: Download and Install Passper for Excel on your computer and then launch the program.

Step 2: Select "Recover Passwords" in the main window and then click on "Add" to browse for the protected Excel document. Add it to the program once you locate it.

recover password step1

Step 3: When the document has been added, select the attack mode you would like to use. Keep in mind different attack modes are different. Select one based on how complex your password is and how much information you have about it.

recover password step2

Step 4: The software will immediately begin recovering the password on the file.

recover password step3

As soon as the process is complete and the password is recovered, the password will be displayed on the next window. You can use it to unprotect the Excel 2013 workbook.

How to Remove Modifying Restriction on Excel 2013 Workbook using Passper

To lift editing restrictions on your Excel 2013 Workbook, follow these simple steps;

Step 1: Open Passper for Excel and then click on "Remove Restrictions". Click on "Add" to browse for the restricted document to open it in Passper.

remove restrictions step1

Step 2: Simply click "Remove" and Passper will begin lifting all restrictions applied to the document. Once the process is complete, you will be able to easily edit the document any way you want to.

remove restrictions step2

3. Unprotect Excel 2013 Workbook with Password

If you know the password used to protect the document, the whole process to unprotect the document becomes easier. Follow these simple steps to unprotect the workbook when you know the password;

Step 1: Open the protected document in Excel. You may need to enter the password to gain access to the document.

Step 2: Click on "Review" tab at the top menu and then select "Protect Workbook".

protect workbook

Step 3: In the popup box that appears, type in the password and click "OK".

The document will them be unprotected and you can open it in future without needing the password.

All the solutions above can be very useful when you need to unprotect Excel 2013 workbook. Select a solution that will work for you depending on whether you know the password or not and implement it fully.


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