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As a security measure, Windows allows users to create a password that can be used to unlock the laptop. From a security stand point, there is no better way to protect the data on your laptop than with a password that restricts everyone from accessing it. But when you lose the password, the consequences can be devastating. You are unable to access any data on the computer and are therefore unable to take any measures to recover the password.

For most people this often means that they have to start all over again, meaning that they have to reinstall the Windows OS. The main problem with this solution is you are likely to lose all the data on your device. Before you consider reinstalling your OS, you may want to consider one of the solutions to open laptop without password.

open laptop without password

1. Different Types of Passwords to Protect Laptop

Before we get to different ways you can use to open your laptop without a password, it is important to realize that there are different types of passwords. These include the following;

  • BIOS/UEFI open password: this password can often be cleared by simply disconnecting the battery from the mainboard.

  • HDD/SSD password: this type of password can be very difficult to recover. If you forget this password, there is likely no way to recover it.

  • Windows Login Password: this is the type of password we will be dealing with in this article. It's the password that allows you to log in to Windows and there are several ways to unlock it.

laptop passwords

Let's now take a look at the several ways you can unlock a laptop even if you have forgotten the password.

2. Open Laptop Without Password by Command Line Input

Command prompt is one of the best ways to overcome any problem you have with your Windows computer including a lost or forgotten password. It is however worth noting that you can only use this method if you have access to another admin account on the same laptop. Here's a step by step guide;

Step 1: Once you are logged into that other admin account on your computer, enter command prompt by hitting the Windows Key + X on your keyboard to get the Quick Access menu. Or type in "cmd" in the search box to find Command prompt.

Step 2: In the command line, type in the following command: net user account_name new_password. Replace "user account" with the new user name you would like to use and "new password" with the new password and then hit "Enter" to execute the command.

command net user

You will now be able to access the locked account using the new username and password.

3. Change Microsoft Account Password

If you are running Windows 8 or Windows 10, you might be able to change the password by going to the password reset page on Windows Live. This can be done on another computer or other device that can access the internet. Here's how to do it;

Step 1: Open the browser on another computer and then go to

Step 2: Click on "I forgot my password" and if you have access to the email account you used to register the account and a mobile number to authenticate the account, just follow the instructions to reset the password and open your laptop or computer.

forgot microsoft account password

4. Open Laptop in Safe Mode without Password

This method will only work if you have an additional account that you can use to reset the password for this account. You can boot the laptop in safe mode and then log in with another administrator account to reset the password. Here's how to do it;

Step 1: Start your computer or restart it if it is already running and while it is still in the process of restarting, hold F8 on your keyboard until you see the message of "Advanced Boot Options" appears. Choose "Safe Mode" from the options presented to boot the computer in safe mode.

safe mode windows

Step 2: Now log in to the account marked "Administrator" and go to the control panel to change or remove the forgotten password.


The administrator account was created by default and may be disabled. You may need to enable it before you can use it to reset the password.

5. Open Laptop without Password Using a Business Tool

You may not have an admin account that you can use to reset you password. Or you may be using Windows 7 and therefore can't reset the password online. In this case, you may think that all hope is lost. But there is a tool that can help you remove the password and allow you to open laptop or computer without password. This tool is known as Passper WinSenior, a professional Windows password recovery tool that is designed to bypass all Windows password-related problems. Some of the features that make WinSenior the best tool include the following;

No Need to Reinstall OS: Recover your forgotten Windows password without having to reformat the laptop or reinstall the OS.

The program can help you reset the password no matter the circumstances that caused you to be locked out of your computer in the first place.

Remove Password: Remove the password completely and unlock the laptop without the password.

Reset Password: Reset the password to one you can easily remember.

100% Recovery Rate: All Windows passwords can be reset or removed with 100% success rate.

Easy to Use: Open the locked laptop or computer in 3 simple steps.

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Here's how you can use Passper WinSenior to remove the password on your laptop and open the locked laptop without password;

Step 1: To begin with, download and install Passper WinSenior on an accessible computer and then launch the program. Select the type of bootable disc you would like to create and then insert the CD/DVD/USB into the computer. Click on "Create" button to begin creating the bootable drive.

cd usb

In the popup that appears, click "Continue" to confirm and then wait a few minutes for the process to be complete. Eject the bootable disc when burning is complete.

format prompt

Step 2: Now insert the bootable disk into the locked computer and then follow the instructions on the screen to enter the boot menu.

boot menu key

Step 3: When the computer is safely in the boot menu, the Windows password reset interface will appear. Choose the operating system you use and then select "Remove Windows Password" in the next window. Click "Next" to continue.

remove windows password

Choose the user account whose password you would like to remove and then click "Remove".


Wait for a while as the password is removed from the laptop. Once the process is complete, you can then restart the computer and login without entering the password.

successfully removed password


Getting locked out of your Windows Laptop is one of the most problematic issues you can face with your computer. It is easy to despair when you think that the only way to fix the problem would be to reinstall the OS, consequently losing all your data. Before you do that, you might want to try one of the methods above, particularly WinSenior which provides a guaranteed solution for all password-related issues you may face with Windows.

Free Download For win 10/8.1/8/7/XP


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