• By Adam Cooper 2020-04-16

    I appreciate everything you did for me. Thank you.

  • By Beverly 2020-04-14

    Hi I purchased Passper for Word and I am okay with it until now.

  • By Judith 2020-03-30

    Good product! I had a monthly license before, and I have just renewed my license for an entire year.

  • By Stacey 2020-03-26

    It's easy and quickly remove the editing restrictions on my word file!

  • By Ralph 2020-03-20

    Very powerful tool. Editing restrictions was removed within 10 seconds. You are excellent.

  • By Sam 2020-02-12

    Great product comes like a life saver. I have been searching for a long time and this one finally worked for me. Thanks!

  • By Haroutioun 2020-01-09

    Dear support Thank you for this precious software that i found it helpfully

  • By Fogg 2019-05-17

    The passper support team is very nice to help me with my encrypted word document. I like their products.

  • By George 2019-05-09

    I can’t believe that I forgot the password for my Word document. But fortunately, I use passper for word to find the opening password and I successfully open the file now.

  • By Ebony 2019-05-09

    Very comfortable software and very easy to use.

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