Passper for Excel Passper for Excel


2019-04-17 17:45:00

I forgot my opening password to my Excel 2016. And my friend sends me the download link of Passper for Excel. To my surprise, I found my password finally.

By Justin Fox


2019-04-16 13:20:00

I really appreciate it a lot!.

By Luis


2019-04-16 09:25:00

I downloaded an Excel document to for my industry knowledge, however, the file is protected with a password. I cannot open the file successfully without the right password. With Passper for Excel, I recover the password for the encrypted file. What a powerful program!

By Maureen A. Garcia


2019-04-15 14:55:00

Finally, I got my Excel opening password with this powerful program. I really can't believe that! I can successfully have access to my excel file now! Thanks a lot!

By Paul Stutz


2019-04-15 09:50:00

Sometimes, it is really important to find an appropriate password recovery program. Thanks for Passper for PDF!

By Paul


2019-04-12 15:05:00

Passper for Excel is an excellent program, it helps me remove restrictions for my Excel workbook successfully. I really love it!

By Kristin Goss


2019-04-11 09:55:00

Wow! Perfect tool for me!

By Vincent


2019-04-11 09:00:00

It is helpful! Thanks!

By Michael Gonzalez


2019-04-09 15:57:54

It works well to unlock my excel.

By Cynthia B. Brown

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