Passper for Excel Passper for Excel


2020-04-22 13:43:49

My excel worksheet was restricted editing and protected with a vba project password, this program helped me remove the protection. Good software!

By Dacy


2020-04-10 09:57:48

I bought a license to unprotect my 3 sheets but met some problems during the removal. The support center helped me solve it. Thanks a lot for the help. Great work!

By Jay Connor


2020-03-30 19:47:28

Hi there! I downloaded your product on March 25th and was able to recover the one password I needed to an Excel document (thanks!)

By Betty Rudd


2020-03-25 18:56:09

ho trovato veramente utili i vostri software! grazie

By Ann Rupp


2020-03-10 09:32:46

My experience with Passper for Excel is excellent. The product is very useful and it meets my needs. And the service is excellent.

By Martin Sun


2020-02-25 14:25:52

It worked very well to remove passwords & restrictions from old management forms in our office, and I am so happy I was able to find this! Thank you

By Steve L.


2020-02-13 16:56:10

I cannot edit one of my Excel files. Then I purchased Passper for Excel to remove the restrictions. I have to say that it is really easy to use. But after removal I still can't edit my file. Then I contacted the customer service. They checked my file and solved the problem for me. Good customer service:)

By kartik


2020-02-07 16:11:35

Thank you so much I really enjoyed your products Very awesome and excellent programs

By خالد آل موفق


2019-12-23 14:55:52

Hello, I bought Passper for Excel - 1-Month Plan and I found it very useful and easy to use.

By leo


2019-05-26 00:05:00

The tool is easy to use and can get you back in to your computer promptly.

By Bob Winters

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