Passper for Excel Passper for Excel


2020-06-30 20:26:29

with just one click!! I can edit my spreadsheet now. Love it!

By Celina


2020-06-18 10:16:58

It removed the passwords from excel sheet. Quick and efficient!

By Mildred White


2020-06-10 15:43:08

I recently bought the Excel password recovery program from you. It did work for me. Thank you so much! Best Regards.

By Joseph Hawthorn


2020-05-28 09:26:22

It immediately unprotected all sheets in the file. Thank you Passper!

By Rosemarie


2020-05-19 19:58:53

Greetings from Fernando! I am very pleased that Passper unlocked a couple of files that I needed. Thank you!

By Fernando


2020-05-12 17:49:49

i forgot the password and i am able to use my excel sheet now. Great program!

By Steve Madden


2020-05-06 11:14:13

I purchased one month plan to found out a password of my excel file. I ran the program for about 24 hours and it recovered the password for me. Thanks!

By Patrick Owens


2020-04-27 10:45:31

Tengo que decirte que me impresionó tu programa. Es muy útil. ¡Gracias!

By Mabel


2020-04-22 13:43:49

My excel worksheet was restricted editing and protected with a vba project password, this program helped me remove the protection. Good software!

By Dacy


2020-04-10 09:57:48

I bought a license to unprotect my 3 sheets but met some problems during the removal. The support center helped me solve it. Thanks a lot for the help. Great work!

By Jay Connor

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