How to Crack RAR Password

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Are you trying to crack RAR password and you do not know how to do it? Great, you have landed on the right article. We have compiled a thorough guide on the suitable four ways on how to crack RAR password.

Part 1: Is There Successful Way to Crack RAR Password?

RAR is a popular file format and it offers a good platform to get encrypted with passwords. However, passwords can be forgotten either because they are too long or was tempered by someone else. It is no doubt that there are several ways of cracking RAR passwords in the current tech dynamic world. However, not all options can solve your RAR password problems. They vary in terms of prowess. Others are only limited to simple passwords while others can retrieve complex passwords at great speeds. Your choice will depend on the need at hand. You can check out below for some of the plausible options for cracking RAR passwords.

Part 2: 4 Ways to Crack RAR Password

Now let us look at each method on how to crack RAR password.

Way 1. Crack RAR Password with Passper for RAR

Passper for RAR is a powerful password recovery tool for RAR files. It registers high success rates owing to its tons of capabilities. There are up to 4 password attack modes which work powerfully depending on the need at hand. And this tool is rewarded as the fastest RAR password recovery tool in the market according to our test it can check 1000 passwords every second. Moreover, it is pretty easy to use, winthin 3 steps, you can crack the password protected RAR file effortlessly. Below are more outstanding features of Passper for RAR:

  • Fast Recovery Speed: It provides 4 powerful attack mode which greatly narrow down the results and shorten the recovery time

  • Up to 98% Recovery Rate: It applies the advanced technology and smart algorithm, which guarantees the recovery rate up to 98%.

  • Save Recovery State. In case of any interruption, Passper for RAR will resume later from that point of interruption.

  • No Data Leakage: Passper values your data security, it won't keep any files you import and your files will not be leaked out during/after password recovery.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

First of all, navigate to the official page for Passper for RAR, download, install, and launch it on your PC.

Step 1. Click the "Add" icon located on the main interface and browse for the respective RAR file on it save path. Select it and click "Open" to get the file uploaded to the program interface.

Step 2. You should see four password attack modes namely Combination, Dictionary, Mask, and Brute Force Attack modes. Select one and hit the "Start" button to trigger the password recovery process.


Step 3. The program would immediately begin to decrypt the password and will display it once the search is successful. Copy the displayed password either on a piece of paper or to the clipboard. Use this password to access the encrypted RAR file.

recovered successfully

Also, you can check the video guide of Passper for RAR to crack the file.

Way 2. Crack RAR Password with CMD

Cracking RAR password via command prompt is not that complex at all. However, you should be fully aware that this process is not very effective when drawn against other popular methods. To remove RAR password using CMD, you have to utilize Notepad as follows:

Step 1. Launch Notepad on your PC and enter some commands then run it

Step 2. Double click the bat file and access Command prompt by simply pressing the combination of Win and R keys on your keyboard. On the pop that appears type “cmd.exe” or simply CMD and press enters on your keyboard.

open cmd

Step 3. Key in the RAR file name and press enter to be able to key in the save path for the respective RAR file.

enter file name

Step 4. Navigate to properties of the target RAR file and copy the path. Now go back to the CMD and paste the copied save path within the space.

copy and save

Step 5. Now type some commands in a new Notepad and save it as RAR password.bat and press Enter. Let the bat file commands run and this will finally fetch the password for the target RAR file.

Way 3. Crack RAR Password Online

You might have come across a couple of websites that specifically deal with cracking RAR passwords online. Yes, some have got excellent performance while others are simply not up to par. Nevertheless, we focus on one site that has shown high success rates. This website is capable of resetting passwords of any compressed file with ease and speed.

Step 1. Open your favorite browser and visit password

copy and save

Step 2. Locate and click the button "Upload your encrypted file" and ensure that you tick the box located below it. Upload your RAR file and remember the maximum size of the file is 500MB.

Step 3. Once the target file has been uploaded, click the "Change over file" tab to proceed. The uploaded file will now be sent to the server where the compression algorithm gets fully altered. You should see a download button once the decrypting process is successful.

Step 4. Click the respective download button and open the file. This time around of course without a password.

Although online cracking may prove useful, we can all agree that it is never a good option especially when dealing with sensitive information like business or just private data. This is because uploading your files online makes them more vulnerable to hackers and that might prove detrimental in the nutshell.

Way 4. Crack RAR Password with cRARk

Free of bias, cRARk is among the few RAR password recovery tools with incredible speeds. Besides, it is absolutely free and anyone can use it anytime anywhere. It has the capability to use incomplete passwords and wordlist to decipher the forgotten password. It has plenty of cool features like wordlist being supplemented by characters and powerful PCL language that utilizes sophisticated password recovery mechanisms among others. Although this method has some highlights, it is pretty difficult to expound it well. The process of cracking RAR password using this app involves:

Step 1. Download the appropriate version of RAR from its website. If you are using windows, you will have two options namely OpenCL and CUDA.

Step 2. Open a CMD window and run some commands because the app is not GUI but rather command line. For Linux, open the terminal.

Step 3. After running the commands, the program will fetch you the password in some seconds or a few minutes depending on the length of your password. If the password is not found, you will receive a notification.

recover with ecrack

Part 3: Comparison of 4 Ways

Passper for RAR CMD Online Service with cRARk
Can Password Be Recovered Yes Possibly Possibly Possibly
Recovery Speed Fastest Slow Medium Slow
Data Leakage No data leakage No data leakage Severe data leakage No data leakage
File Size Limit No limit No limit Large file not supported No  limit
Ease of Use Easy to use Complicated Complicated Complicated


There are a couple of good methods of cracking RAR passwords. However, some are difficult to use and their recovery rates are really poor. However, to get yourself the best tool and forget about lost RAR password for good. There is no better tool than Passper for RAR. Download it and enjoy all it has for you in-store.


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