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Sometimes we set a password and forget it later which raises a red flag on the future use of the information stored in that PDF file. Good news is there are a lot of efficient security bypass tools out there, Wondershare PDF Password Remover is one of them. PDF password remover software and tools present the user with an opportunity to bypass the security.

Part 1: 2 Kinds of Password on PDF

Document Open Password: A document open password is the most basic type of security. It will encrypt the PDF file and won't let any user gain access without entering the password.

Permissions Password: The permissions password, on the other hand, is a bit more enhanced security feature. This password protection feature will disallow any user to change the permission settings without entering the password. Permissions like copying, editing, printing, and others are included in this feature.

document open password & permissions password

Part 2: How to Choose a PDF Password Remover Tool

Choosing a good PDF password removal tool is easier said than done. You will find a number of PDF password removal tools out there and all of them claim to be the most effective and robust software. But that is not true. So, here are some good tips to help you choose the best password remover tool:

  • Types of password it can recover or remove: Document open password and permissions password secure your PDF files in different ways. Thus, you need to ascertain that the tool you are choosing can help you remove both the types of passwords. Always strive for the best solution out there.

  • Ease of use: It is a bit frustrating when you cannot remember the password for document. But it is even more disturbing when you cannot operate the very tool to remove that password. Isn’t it? Therefore, always go for a software that won't cause any sort of trouble when it comes to usability.

  • Speediness: Of course, when you want to recover the forgotten password from your PDF, you want it as soon as possible. And a tool which will take a lot of time to do the same will only add to your troubles. Always go for a password removal tool that can help you sort out the issue within a matter of minutes.

  • Pricing: Always be on the lookout for the best price that you will pay for your software. The best combination for a good password removal tool consists of efficient and cost effectiveness.

Part 3: How Wondershare PDF Password Remover Works

This is a simple tool that will let you decrypt the security-enabled PDF files. Wondershare PDF Password Remover has an intuitive design and is good for password removal.

From setting it up to further editing your PDF files, this software will allow you to easily bypass the password of secured PDFs. What users like the most about this software is its incredible performance and easy to use design.

Steps to remove password:

Step 1: After installation, open the main window. On the topside left corner, there is an Add Files button. Click on it and you will be able to add the inaccessible files. However, if you want to remove a file from the list, just click on it and click on Remove.

wondershare add files

Step 2: You can also set a custom output folder and choose the destination for the file storage after the restriction has been removed. For this, either choose save target file or files within the source folder or you can set a new address in the directory given below.

Step 3: In the next step, once you have selected the files, just click on Start and the removal of the restrictions will begin.

wondershare sample

The catch here is that if there is no open document password already set on the file, you can easily remove the restrictions. But, if the file is open password protected, then you need to enter the password for the removal process to continue.

Part 4: The Best Alternative to Wondershare PDF Password Remover

An effective alternative to Wondershare PDF Password Remover is Passper for PDF. This is the full password recovery and removal software that will allow you to regain access to your PDF documents. Embedded with four different types of attacks, this is a full blown sure shot solution for password removal.

Let us know more about Passper for PDF:

Multifunctional: Passper for PDF can not only recover your forgotten password, but also can remove all restrictions on your PDF files.

Speedy Recovery: Passper for PDF is developed on the basis of advanced CPU technology. This makes the recovery process faster and better than others.

Instantly Remove Restrictions: All restrictions on your PDF file can be removed within 3 seconds.

High Success Rate: Passper for PDF uses smart algorithms and different attacks to decrypt password from PDF files. Even the strongest password can be decrypted using this software.

Easy to Use: Only 3 steps needed to decrypt document open password or remove all restrictions on your PDF file.

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Recover Document Open Password

Step 1 After installing the software, open the main window and then navigate to Recover Passwords option on the left hand side.

homepage of Passper for PDF

Step 2 Then you need to add the PDF files for which you have lost the password. After including the file, choose the type of attack from the right side dialog box. Choose from the Dictionary Attack, Combination Attack, Mask Attack, or the Brute-Force Attack.

choose a file and a recovery method

Step 3 Once everything is set, just click Recover and wait patiently. The estimated time depends on the type of attack that you have chosen. Once the password is recovered, you can use it to open your PDF file and continue with your business.

recover PDF password

Remove Permissions Password

Step 1 For Permissions password navigate to the right side of the main window. Select the option Remove Restrictions and a new dialog box will pop up.

homepage of Passper for PDF

Step 2 Here you need to import the PDF file which is encrypted and embedded with security.

choose a PDF file

Step 3 Click Remove to begin the removal process. The whole process will be over in about 3 seconds. Once it is over, you will be able to open your file and continue with your editing, printing, and copying.

remove permissions password of PDF

Comparison of Wondershare PDF Password Remover and Passper for PDF

Wondershare PDF Password Remover Passper for PDF
Remove Restrictions
Recover Password
Complexity easy to use easy to use
Pricing $26.95~$305.95 $19.95~$49.95

Hence, it is evident that Passper for PDF is a better option when it comes to choosing software for PDF password recovery. It can open the password protected documents and also remove the restrictions password. More than this, it is faster, better and more efficient. There are no hiccups when you are working with the software. The quartet attacking possibilities of this software is yet another level of proficiency added to this tool for your benefit.


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