Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery Review 2019 and Its Best Alternative

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Sometimes you may forget your Excel password due to the usage of complicated passwords. Once you realize that you can't remember your Excel password, you may need to find the most convenient and easiest way to recover your password. We are here introducing Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery that is available  for recovering forgotten Excel passwords and its best alternative.

1. Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery Review

1.1 Stellar Background

Stellar is a company based in India which deals with various data recovery issues. It has been operating for more than two decades for now. Despite being established in India, it is also presented in the US and European countries. Stellar has been of help to most people around the World especially when it comes to Excel password recovery.


1.2 Advantages and Disadvantages

It is obvious that many people like to secure their files in Excel from the access of unauthorized users. They use passwords to protect their files. But it happens sometimes you find that you secured your Excel file but you can't remember or access your password.

Are aware that you can recover the lost or inaccessible passwords for no cost? Stellar is the amazing software that is absolutely free to get your lost passwords. It has two options to recover the lost password. The first one is "Password to Open" which provides password permission to open the locked Excel file and the second one is "Password to Modify" which gives password permission to read and write in the worksheet or workbook.

Stellar Excel Password Recovery has a number of features that help a lot during the recovery of lost passwords. The following are the core features of this software.


  • It recovers both "Password to Modify" and "Password to Open" password.

  • It has a smooth password recovery process for encrypted MS Excel Workbook.

  • It has a Brute-Force Attack technique to increase the success rate.

  • It also has a "Masking" option to minimize the duration of password recovery.

  • It supports Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007.

  • It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, 2000, and Vista.


  • Lack of the password attack mode of Dictionary attack method.

  • The standard version has limited features. If you want to enjoy more feature, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.

1.3 Simple Way to Get Stellar Excel Password Recovery Software

You may wonder how simple it is to download and install this free stellar software. To download this software, kindly visit the Stellar Excel Password recovery page. On the page, you will see the DOWNLOAD icon, just click it. A pop-up form will appear on your screen requesting you to fill some details. After you are done with filling in the details, click on submit and a pop-up message as the screenshot below will appear on the screen.

download stellar

After that, check your email and continue with the registration. Username and Keycode will be sent to your email that you will use during the activation.

1.4 Easy Way to Activate Your Stellar Software

To activate your Stellar Excel Password Recovery software, there are a number of steps to be followed keenly. This interface is what you will be used to activate your software.

stellar phoenix excel password recovery

To activate your stellar software, click on the REGISTER icon that looks like a key. A mini interface will appear requesting you to fill the username and key code that was sent to your email.

activate stellar

Fill in the username and Activation code and press OK. A Message will pop-up on the window telling you that the activation was successful.

activation successful

2. Best Alternative to Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery

To eliminate the drawback of Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery, we are here to introduce the best alternative to this software: Passper for Excel. Passper for Excel is a tool used to recover the opening passwords of the Excel file. It is also able to get rid of Workbook/Worksheet protection without interfering with the original data.

2.1 Comparison Between Passper for Excel and Stellar Phoenix for Excel

Passper for Excel Stellar Phoenix 
Password to Open
Password to Modify
Attack Types 4 1
Compatibility Excel 97-2019 Up to Excel 2007
Require Password Info Doesn't Require Require
Decryption Rate 100% 90%

2.2 Why Choose Passper for Excel

  • It has 4 password attack types which enable its successful recovery of passwords, including dictionary /mask/ combination/ Brute-Force attack type.

  • It enables the 100% unprotect rate to help you edit the locked sheet/workbook without any password.

  • The tool will never erase or delete the current data on your Excel document, which means you don't have to worry about any data loss.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

2.3 How to Recover Opening Passwords of Locked Excel File

The steps below will be used to recover the opening passwords of Excel files.

Step 1. First, Choose the recovery mode of "Recover Passwords".

recover password step1  

Step 2. Click on the add button to add the encrypted file and select the attack mode.

recover password step2  

Step 3. After choosing the attack, the software will run and recover your passwords. The right password will be shown when it's done.

recover password step3

2.4 How to Remove Restrictions from Excel Workbook

Step 1. Select a recovery mode of "Remove Restrictions" and add the password-protected Excel spreadsheet.

remove restrictions step1

Step 2. After the file has been added to Passper software, click remove option and the protection will be removed from your Excel within 3 seconds. When the restriction is removed, a pop-up screen will appear showing that the restriction has been removed successfully as shown below.

remove restrictions step2


From the above outline, Stellar Phoenix Excel Password Recovery software is available to recover your lost or forgotten passwords for Excel documents. But it has limited features for the Standard version and the dictionary attack mode is not provided. Compared with Stellar Phoenix software, Passper for Excel has more password attack types and more features that you can enjoy after getting the full version. Feel free to download and activate Passper for Excel now!

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP


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